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Can anyone confirm this as there seems little point in feeding over 200 pigs to get the same product to sell daily as about 150 pigs will produce i.e. FS19 International Harvester 300 utility wip v1.0. Providing four different crop types for the pigs to eat simultaneously will maximize their breeding speed. Manufacturer. A Pallet of 1,000 liters costs exactly $1,000. FarmCon 20 is the place to meet other players, modders and fans of the Farming Simulator series. If you can spare the expense, Pig Food pallets can be used to start your pig husbandry industry immediately at game-start. In order to keep pigs at a high level of reproduction and profit from them, you have to grow different plants and distribute mixed food for pigs yourself. EDIT - effective reproduction rates if you sell once per day - 100 pigs base = 18%, 200 = 18.5%, 300 = 18.7%, 400 = 19% This guide contains basics to everything in Farming Sim 19. They do not need to be provided with any food in order to produce these materials at the maximum rate. Pigs have a much higher value than the food they consume, and the price of Pigs never changes. Surprisingly, this option is actually extremely competitive. With 300 pigs in the pen, you'll earn $9,180 per day just selling these fertilizers, making for nearly 25% extra profit from your pigs. These can all be bought at the Animal Dealer. Different Food Groups are consumed at different rates, based on their contribution to Productivity. As pigs breed inside the enclosure, both their consumption rates and breeding rate accelerate proportionally. Pigs are fairly expensive animals, costing $1500 apiece (not including transportation costs). It makes more sense to load up your Animal Transport with as many pigs as it can carry, take those to be sold, and wait for the enclosure to fill up with pigs again. Collected fertilizers: slurry and manure (you can also sell). Excess pigs can then be sold for a substantial (and very stable) income that is completely independent of any market fluctuations. The best way to dispose of bags from pallets purchased in the store straight to the tipper. Pigs are one of the most demanding animals in Farming Simulator 19.In order to make a reasonable profit on them, you must maintain a high level of reproduction - selling multiplied pigs is the only way to get your money back. So if you only want to get free fertilizer, get some straw from them (for manure) and feed them with anything. This would increase your profits substantially. These bonuses are cumulative. ??. So, i was not getting an profit at all. This provides pigs with a perfect mix of all four food groups simultaneously. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Focus Home Interactive or GIANTS Software. The impact is far less significant when the pigs are being fed multiple food types, but it still has an effect. You can shovel up the food using a Loader or similar tool, and dump it right back into the trough. Welcome to the official website of Farming Simulator, the #1 farming simulation game by GIANTS Software. Its not only about having fun, but also improving your skills. You must fill the manure spreader yourself. TL DR - have as many pigs as you feel is a manageable number, there is no optimum. However, pigs also produce slurry and farmyard manure. so after few jobs, and sales of harvest i got some money. Of course, purchasing the Biogas Plant is no simple feat, as the property itself can cost in excess of $500,000. 12 pigs can ensure reproduction within 12 hours. This is a perfect mix of crops that instantly gives your pigs a base 80% Productivity. Farming Simulator 19 Guide and Tips by This is can be a very long process to complete, especially when you have hundreds of pigs to feed -- but it is still much easier than working multiple fields to produce regular crops. The only way you can make a decent profit out of them is by keeping the rate of reproduction high, and selling multiple of pigs. Usage: As food for: chickens, pigs; Chaff for compost (after using special harvester) Special Characteristics: Leaves straw; Barley Requires: Cultivator, seeder, harvester with grain header. While doing this, the Biogas Plant will also slowly generate 0.3 liters of Digestate per 1 liter of Slurry/Manure. As the Enclosure reaches its capacity of Pigs, you will want to sell some of those pigs for profit. If provided with Straw, each Pig consumes 30 liters of Straw per day to produce 75 liters of Manure. Instead of feeding individual Crops to pigs, it is possible (though expensive) to purchase Pig Food Pallets from the Store - a perfect mix of all foods needed to reach the highest breeding rate. We hope that this guide will help you. Ideally you'll want to perform both jobs, as this can easily double the profits in some cases. It means that you don't have to grow anything (except perhaps some Wheat to harvest for Straw) to make near-maximum profit from your Pigs. And it’s a great looking mod that blends in nicelyon most maps. Farming Simulator 19 will feature new American and European environments in which to develop and expand your farm and will introduce many exciting new farming activities, including new machinery and crops with cotton and oat! • Tend to your livestock including pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, and horses. Ravenport- this is a map in a climate straight from the United States.It is mostly characterized by large arable fields, lush vegetation characteristic for the USA, as well as other elements of the environment: buildings, vehicles. Pigs are one of the most demanding animals in Farming Simulator 19. This Farming Simulator 19 mod adds shelter to anextra 500 pigs in your game. Farming Simulator 19. $14.99. Pigs are fairly expensive animals, costing $1500 apiece (not including transportation costs). This should help reduce the cost of fertilizers by a substantial amount, further increasing your profits from Pig Husbandry. Note that the calculation above involves pigs of the same color. Note: you can use the services of the biogas plant only when you buy the plot of land on which it is located! Pigs are also one of the animals you can sell but they don’t have byproducts. Instead of growing Crops from each of the four Food Groups (see above), you can buy Pallets of Pig Food from the Store, and dump them into the feeding trough. Firstly soyabeans only account for 25% of the pig food yet it has to be the same number as the corn which counts 50% of the feed. Since it is virtually impossible to keep productivity at 100% constantly, expect a breeding time of between 144-155 hours per pig, divided by the number of pigs of the same type. Since different crops from the same Food Group are completely interchangeable with one another as far as the Pigs are concerned, it is always better to feed your pigs on the cheapest and most plentiful crop from each group: Feeding Potatoes, Sunflowers, Soybeans or Wheat to your pigs is sub-optimal, and can significantly reduce your overall profits. ... We have great news for you – there won’t be any struggles in the game because the newest edition of Farming Simulator 2019 Mods has arrived! Farming Simulator 19 will feature new American and European environments in which to develop and expand your farm and will introduce many exciting new farming activities, including new machinery and crops with cotton and oat! Pig breeding requires you to provide your pigs with food. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A single Pallet of Pig Food should provide enough food to breed just under 2 new pigs. Crops can have a very high value per liter when sold directly at a Sale Point, but their prices fluctuate and are not always high enough to make a good profit. It is the seventh installment of the Farming Simulator franchise for PC. If you want to maximize profits with the least effort, you can buy the ready pig feed from the store, which ensures a 100% production efficiency. As a result, Pig Husbandry provides a constant and stable inflow of cash every single day. Furthermore, the Maintenance costs for operating field machinery is gone when all you need is a Tipper to take the Pig Food from the Store to the Pig Enclosure. The problem of course is that it is impossible to know how many times the player will choose to clean the feeding area, and at what time they will choose to do so. Here is a timeline of what happens in the game, assuming constant 100% productivity (all numbers are approximate): As you can see, after 145 hours the pigs of the same color have reached 10, whereas pigs of different colors have only doubled their numbers to 8. At 100% productivity, Pigs breed at a rate of one pig per 145 hours divided by the number of pigs of the same color in the same enclosure. A full Lizard Large Pig Enclosure can produce up to 28,500 liters of Slurry per day and 22,500 liters of Manure per day. Therefore, assuming you always try to sell your crops when their value is very high, Pig Food is worth the same value as its constituent parts. Pigs are a type of Animal in Farming Simulator 19. Pigs produce Slurry and Manure as by-products. Farming Simulator 19 will feature new American and European territories where you can develop and expand your farm and introduce many new and exciting types of agricultural activities, including new machinery and crops, including cotton and oats! If the pigs are fed on only one type of food, especially cheaper foods like Barley, an extra 4.6 hours of 80% productivity give a massive boost to profits for a short while. However this is inefficient and requires a lot of effort (and possibly Fuel). And it’s a great looking mod that blends in nicely on most maps. The base game provides 4 different types of pigs, each with a different color. If you also have 5 Black Pigs in the same pen, those pigs will separately produce a new Black Pig every 145/5 = 29 hours. a profit of $3000/day, which can be multiplied by the number of pigs. Before purchasing any Pigs, you must purchase at least one Pig Enclosure from the Store. Requires: Instead of growing crops and feeding them to your pigs, there is the option of simply buying Pig Food from the Store and dumping it in the Pig Enclosure. This is much more than the value of the food and Straw consumed in the breeding process - a significant profit. Farming Simulator Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Pigs stop breeding if there is no room in the enclosure for more pigs, or if they run out of food or water. However, feeding pigs with crops from multiple different groups gives them a cumulative bonus to their breeding rate, as explained below. Farming Simulator is available for: FSL. If provided with Water, each Pig consumes 20 liters of Water per day to produce 95 liters of Slurry. This process essentially turns Crops - which have a fluctuating value - into a commodity whose sale price never changes. Since this is also a single trip, you save a little bit on Fuel as well. As long as Pigs have any food in their Enclosure, they will consume that food at a constant rate per Pig. If you own the Biogas Plant, instead of using Slurry and Manure on your fields you can sell these materials for an extra profit, usually much more than the money saved when using them as fertilizers. Strangely enough, this is almost identical to the expected highest market value of 500 liters of Corn, 250 liters of Barley, 200 liters of Canola, and 50 liters of Sugar Beets. Normally, these materials are used as Fertilizers to replace Store-bought fertilizer varieties and thus save money. The rate of pig reproduction depends on how many pig of the same type are in the same Enclosure, and the current Productivity rating for that Pasture (see above). Farming Simulator 19 Mods, Download Free. To breed pigs, you need to buy pig enclosures which are available in the following sizes: Small: $90,000 and can hold 100 pigs Modern Pigs Barn. Alternatively, place an Animal Transport on the marked area before opening the Animal Dialog to instead move pigs into the transport. The Productivity value is calculated based on which Food Groups are available to the pigs. Farming Simulator 19 offers 4 different types of Pigs. Pigs can eat 8 different types of Crops. The primary purpose of Pig Husbandry is to create more Pigs and sell them for a profit. These are some of the basic facts: This makes all calculations of profit significantly more difficult. i.e. For example, if you have 4 pigs of the same type, they will produce one new pig every X/4 hours (where X is the base breeding rate in the table above); whereas if you have 4 pigs of different types they'll simply produce 4 new pigs after X hours. Farming Simulator 19 … Find guides to this achievement here. The purpose of Pig breeding is to convert Crops into Pigs, increasing their value substantially with relatively little effort. Seasons ready Pigs Husbandry Price: 60.000 € Maintenance: 60 € Max Pigs 100 Seasons ready Game. a profit of $3000/day. The 12 pigs will provide you with 550 liters of slurry (500$/1000l) and 700 liters of manure (400$/1000l), which you can sell in the Natural Gas Plant. These decisions can change the profitability margin by quite a bit. As by-products, Pigs also produce Slurry from Water, and Manure from Straw. Here you can control a variety of different vehicles and work with animals, grow your own farm. Ultimately, you should aim to provide Pigs with at least one crop from each group to maximize their breeding rate. As Pigs eat their food, they eject a small portion of it on the ground outside their pen. No matter what food is being provided to the pigs at the time, the ejected material is always transformed into Pig Food. If both Soybeans and Sunflowers are available but Canola is not, feed your pigs on Sunflowers. Category. This amounts to $30.6 per pig, per day. Pigs are one of the four animal types available in Farming Simulator 17.Pigs are the cheapest animal in the game (besides chickens).). Your yields will be 15% smaller when your field isn’t plowed before planting. FS19 JUMZ 6l V1.2. The Biogas Plant offers $0.18 per liter of either Slurry or Manure. Excess pigs can then be sold for a substantial (and very stable) income that is completely independent of any market fluctuations. Modder: Kastor. You can pour straw directly from the loading wagon at a marked point in the corner of the closure. Once the Pig Enclosure is placed on the map, you can begin to fill it with Pigs and their required materials. ??. All types of pigs function identically, though keeping only one color of pig in each enclosure helps maximize the breeding rate. Each group provides a different bonus to Productivity, and multiple Food Groups provide a cumulative bonus. In the second case, all 4 new pigs arrive together after X hours, suddenly boosting the breeding rate. In the end they eat grains worth of their produce. Are you wondering, why is it so special? Wheat. From a single potato harvest you'll get food for days or even weeks; however, don't expect high efficiency in animal reproduction. These extra savings can result in Pig Food becoming the most profitable way to feed you pigs. Feed these crops only if none of the alternatives are available. Without food Pigs will not breed, but may still produce by-products (see below). Exactly how much extra profit is generated, however, is impossible to calculate. You can always fill this game with new areas which you’ve never seen before. Therefore, the pigs will finish eating all 1,000 liters of Pig Food simultaneously, and will enjoy the best breeding rate throughout this entire time! Since pigs can quickly reach their maximum population if properly fed, a Pig Enclosure can easily become a very abundant source of Slurry and Manure. Sale prices in the biogas plant are fixed. In order to make a reasonable profit on them, you must maintain a high level of reproduction - selling multiplied pigs is the only way to get your money back. Have a lot of fun with Farming Simulator. your password If provided with all food groups simultaneously, each Pig consumes a total of 90 liters of food per day. Each pig normally ejects 17.5 liters of food per day out of the trough. You get $0.18 per liter of either material, while also producing 0.3 liters of Digestate per liter of Slurry/Manure. Home; Tractors. Both of these materials are types of Fertilizers, which can be used on your fields instead of Store-bought fertilizers. Farming Simulator 19 will feature new American and European environments in which to develop and expand your farm and will introduce many exciting new farming activities, including new machinery and crops with cotton and oat! You can boost the speed at which pigs breed by putting in extra effort in the form of bringing in Straw for the pigs and keeping their feeding area clean. After pressing the button, if you have more than one Animal Pen, you'll be asked which pen you'd like to populate. Pigs. Make sure to constantly check the number of pigs in each Enclosure. This is purely a waste of food, because without Water the pigs will not breed. 21 Aug, 2020. This is another type of Fertilizer that is essentially interchangeable with Slurry. NOTE: Pigs consume food if available, even when Water is not available. Filling Bunkers with Grass | Green River | Farming Simulator 19 Multiplayer: 2020-10-09: Harvesting maize Silage DAY 1 | 2000 Pigs Farm| Farming Simulator 19 | #4: 2020-10-08: Transporting Mini bales with Iveco | Farming in Les Chazets | Farming Simulator 19 | #2: 2020-10-07: I'm actually terrified from this game | Phasmophobia: 2020-10-07 Pigs are a type of Animal in Farming Simulator 19. Basics to everything in Farming Sim 19 Crops Grains. Since Pigs breed quickly, and their Enclosures can hold a very large number of Pigs, production of these materials will soar very quickly. How many animals? FS17 Mods | LS 19 Mods. So if you buy 12 pigs, you will get two times a day, i.e. You must select an existing Pig Enclosure in order to purchase Pigs. This is a Placeable that can be placed on any sufficiently-large open space (no obstacles). You can then take the transport to the Animal Dealer and open the Animal Dialog there to sell those pigs with no Transport Fees. These are split into four "Food Groups": Crops within each group are interchangeable, as far as the Pigs are concerned; There is no difference between feeding pigs Wheat or Barley, since they are part of the same group. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. ... Sheep and Pigs husbandry placeable pack to place on your maps. If you want, you can use that fertilizer on your fields to save a little bit of extra money. British Cow Sheep Pigs Placeables FS 19. Food consumption is processed every 15 minutes of in-game time, but the values below show consumption per 24 hours (one in-game day). If you do not own such an Enclosure, you will only be able to purchase other animals. The primary product of Pigs is more Pigs. The downside to this is that Pig Food is expensive, at $1.00 per liter ($1000 per Pallet). To achieve 80% Productivity all you need is to transport the crops to the Pig Enclosure at least once every 10 days, and provide Water (which is completely free). 1,000 liters of Pig Food consists of exactly 500 liters of Maize Group, 250 liters of Grain Group, 200 liters of Oilseed Group, and 50 liters of Roots Group. This means that pigs breed faster when they are all of the same color! However, everything ends one day but not in Farming Simulator 2019. The only real drawback for Pig Food is that it is tedious to load. (after using a special harvester) Special characteristics: to harvest corn, you will need a special header and a planter. To purchase pigs, visit the Animal Dealer and interact with its sale point Open Animal DialogueDefault Buttons: R ?? As a result, pouring this food back into the trough suddenly boosts productivity to 80%, and essentially feeds pigs for free for up to 4.6 extra hours a day. Create a team of three and compete against the best players in the world to win prizes worth over 250,000€. In other words, it isn't more expensive to just buy Pig Food instead of growing it! Log into your account. These proportions are exactly identical to the rate at which pigs consume each of the four food groups, so all four groups will run out simultaneously. The best way to dispose of bags from pallets purchased in the store straight to the tipper, So if you buy 12 pigs, you will get two times a day, i.e. To sell a pig, visit the marked area for animal loading/unloading, and press the "Animal Dialog" button Open Animal DialogDefault Buttons: R ?? Learn More. This Farming Simulator 19 mod adds shelter to an extra 500 pigs in your game. Farming Simulator 19 is a farming simulation video game developed by Giants Software. Coz i started from scratch and wanted to go pigs. All this you may do completely for free because all the Farming Simulator 19 Maps mods don’t cost anything. The food consists of: As you can see from the above: corn is almost an obligatory component of the diet. Read more on this below. At the bare minimum, pig breeding requires at least one Pig, provided with Water and at least one type of food. Various Crops can be fed to Pigs to make them breed at a very high rate compared to other animals. As long as there is any kind of food in the Pig Enclosure, as well as any amount of Water, pigs will consume that food and water and breed more pigs. The basic version of Farming Simulator 19 enables the player to use two maps as starting locations:. Nevertheless, this effect means that feeding pigs on just one or two types of foods (as long as it's not just Roots) is actually more profitable than the simple calculations above indicate. your username. and bought 3 new small fields, i think they are #23,24,25 on Ravenport , and on start i bought #19. as i got low on money i progressed slow, i bought around 20 pigs and waited it out, now i have around 60. This is important, because in the first case the 5th pig will arrive after X/4 hours and increase the breeding rate, so the 6th pig will arrive after X/5 hours, the 7th pig will arrive after X/6 hours, and so on. Sell your products in a dynamic market to earn money which you can invest in additional machinery and the expansion of your farm. Using Pig Food instead of actual crops can save a lot of effort, and does not require you to grow any crops. i have started a game in hard mode. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. The money saved, however, is quite minimal, as these materials are typically expended much faster than either Liquid Fertilizer or Solid Fertilizer, so a large spreader with a full load may not even be able to cover a single field before running out.

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