One Man’s Battle with OCD

Click here for Tim Mulkerson’s of MIC (an online “magazine” for those wondering) about his OCD and his successful treatment using ERP


  • Hi Mr. Grayson,

    I’m from Vietnam and right now suffering from OCD, including Pure-O, Indecision OCD and a type of OCD that I really don’t know. I always have an urge to look to the corner of the eyes. I can resist to do it and don’t feel anxious, but it is tiring and gives me migraine. When it happens, people or things in the corner of my eyes will always be sensitively noticed. I looked up on the Internet and knew that it is often called Peripheral Vision OCD. I already bought your book on Google Play Books and Amazon, and now plan to follow the self-guide (since there is no OCD specialists or therapists who understand deeply OCD in my area. Vietnam is still a developing country and mental health is not very well-known here, sadly). But the thing is I don’t know about that Peripheral Vision OCD and thus don’t know how to treat it effectively. Do you have any suggestion or thoughts about this problem?

    Please if you see this comment, please reply or email me. I really really really need the answer.

    Thank you so much.

  • maybe wearing mouthguard or similar appliance inconsistently can via tmj be linked to eye eyelid etc and may cause the problem (I write more on this on patientslikeme ‘astigmatism pulling sensation’ in forum if u make account)

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