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02 - Senior Member - £25.00 (GBP) Subscription period: 1 year No automatically recurring payments If you've graduated over 5 years ago, you are a Senior Member. Membership. OEC Brochure. Contributing Yale Couples - $35; Educator’s Club - $50 (Includes Yale Book Award) True Blue Patron - $50; Presidential Patron - $100; Elihu Yale Patron - $250; Nathan Hale Patron - $500 The Yale Club of New York City, commonly called The Yale Club, is a private club in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Types of Membership. Schedule a tour with Member Services anytime, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in order to receive the best overall Yale Club experience. For luncheon meetings and special events, members will receive a notice by e-mail and they may go to the website to register. Apply online, Have questions about the facilities or would you like to see them in person? But these perks do not last forever — within three years of graduation, young alumni must pay the full price for gym use, $400, as well as an increased base membership fee. I joined shortly after I graduated and was a member for 5+ years. Prefix: Please enter a value with valid length This field is required. Annual membership is said to cost $5,000, and members have included Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Salman Rushdie. Schedule a tour with Member Services anytime, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in order to receive the best overall Yale Club experience. David has a good answer for you. Please select your membership category below and click “Apply Online”. In residency at The Yale Club of New York City Yale affiliated non-members, non-member guests and all walk-ins are $35/person, If  you have any questions about the Club or membership, please feel free to contact our Membership Chair, Clarissa Moore at clarissa.petrino@gmail.com. Keep this as a … If you have any questions about the Club or membership, please feel free to contact our Membership Chair, Clarissa Moore at clarissa.petrino@gmail.com. SCHEDULE A TOUR To learn more about membership dues or about other Club services, contact the Membership office below. If you have any questions about membership or want to volunteer on the Membership Committee, please contact the Yale Club of Washington, D.C. at … About the Club . With a clubhouse comprising 22 stories, the Yale Club has a worldwide membership of over 11,000. Our membership continues to evolve and reflect Yale’s student body values, traditions, and above all, their love for the University. CEID membership and 24/7 swipe access to the space are granted once the in-person orientation session has been completed. The cost is a flat fee of $107.78 (including tax). Note our joint February luncheon of the combined Yale-Harvard-Princeton Clubs is held annually at Michaels-on-East. (212) 986-3232 It has a great location and is an interesting, old building with a lot of character. On average, the site fee for the club is going to be around $500, and the catering fee will range anywhere from $170 to $240+ per person. The activities on this website are not reviewed, approved or endorsed by Yale, and statements and information contained on this website do not reflect the opinions or official positions of the University. Take advantage of a wealth of intellectual opportunities for alumni, including in-person programs on campus and around the globe, educational travel experiences, and online services like Coursera, iTunesU, and academic journal services like JSTOR.. Also, the Yale University Library offers access for all Yale alumni and spouses. Rising 4th year undergrads over the age of 21 can be members of the Yale Club from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. Schedule a tour with Member Services anytime, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in order to receive the best overall Yale Club experience. In recent years our area has generated a significant number of admissions to Yale College. Alumni Club Leader - US - Free Subscription period: 1 year No automatically recurring payments Copyright © 2020 Yale University • All Rights Reserved • Privacy policy. Yale Day of Service volunteers this year helped to supply and staff Sarasota’s annual Veterans’ Stand Down providing supplies and services for homeless Vets in our area,  a team packed cartons of food to supply the All Faiths Food Bank and members volunteered to assist special needs children and adults at Kids Night Out at Easter Seals of Southwest Florida. All Yale University graduates are invited to join the Club. Founded in 1874, the Yale Club of Washington, D.C. is among the oldest and most active in the world. Download the brochure for membership application and information. info@dartmouthclub.com Our Club is a great place to re-connect with classmates and to make new Yale friends. Way back when I belonged (some 20+ years ago) there was an admissions fee (one time charge), an annual fee and then a tab for any charges applied to your account (no minimum charge). The gym is small, but never crowded and the facilities are good, not great. To learn more about membership dues or about other Club services, contact the Membership office below. The rental fee will be $10,000. Organized as a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 non-profit entity, the Club serves the interests of Yale University, its graduates, and students in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. SCHEDULE A TOUR The $150 covers the initiation fee (normally between $115-$260), membership dues (normally between $115-$260) and any applicable taxes through June 30, 2016. Upon opening in 1915, the building became the largest clubhouse in the world and continues to be the largest college clubhouse in existence. The Yale Club of South Florida is a membership based, non-profit organization designed to serve the needs of Yale Alumni and families located in the Miami Metropolitan Area. You are cordially invited you to join the Yale Club of the Suncoast (YCS), an active group that sponsors monthly luncheons at the Sarasota Yacht Club with interesting speakers (including distinguished Yale professors) through the Winter season, and “drop-in” lunches during the Summer and early Fall. The Yale Club of the Suncoast comprises some 140 members along with spouses and partners, current Yalies and their families from Sarasota, Manatee, DeSoto and Charlotte Counties. Please stay home if you are experiencing shortness of breath, coughing, fever, or other symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. Apply for Membership at The Yale Club of New York City. YCS also supports our alma mater by interviewing all local applicants to Yale, presenting book awards to outstanding juniors at area high schools and sponsoring an annual reception for book award recipients and their families, in order to acquaint them with the many opportunities that Yale offers. Recently, the Yale Club introduced reduced membership fees, free gym membership for the first year, social events for young alumni, and later dining hours. student ID and a valid driver’s license are required with submission. To request more information about dues and membership, please call Member Services at 212.716.21312 or submit a request for more information.. After your application has been approved, you will be contacted via email with a link to pay your initiation fee and first quarter’s dues online. REQUEST MORE INFORMATION. Generations of alumni gather each day at the club dine, enjoy activities, network, work-out and relax.… Thank you for applying to the Harvard Club of Boston. Yale Club of New York. Israel Fitness Center “The Israel Fitness Center is 20,000 ft2 of space for weight lifting, cardio, and conditioning; also, home to the Yale Personal Training Program." We also seek to raise awareness Yale as an option for college-bound students within our service area, especially students from under-represented high schools. Spouse/Domestic partner memberships are $190.00 (plus tax), charged on the last day of February every year. Your HCNY membership dues will be waived until June 30th, 2021. The Yale Golf Course staff reserves the right to immediately remove any player from the property for a violation of any of the rules or executive orders from the State of Connecticut. Our Club members look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our very active Club. To join the Yale Club of the Suncoast, or to renew your membership click on the link below where you may complete an application. CEID membership may be revoked, at the discretion of the CEID Director, for failure to observe the code of conduct. Entrance Fees: There is an entrance fee for all membership categories and is equal to 100% of the full year of dues, subject to a minimum of $150.00. Yale undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and research staff are all eligible for membership at the CEID. Our Club also participates in the annual college nights, the Ivy League Fair, and the Yale Day of Service. Dues are only $40 per year. Name: The Club also sponsors a number of special events. www.dartmouth.org/clubs/nyc/ The Yale Club of New York City has provided its members an intimate oasis in the heart of Manhattan since 1897. Copies of both your U.Va. Yale affiliated non-members, non-member guests and all walk-ins are $35/person. The cost is $25/person for registered guests. In past seasons, these have included a luncheon with “The Whiffenpoofs”, a special tour and dinner at the Ringling College and a dinner cruise aboard Marina Jack II. Upon verification of your application, you will be welcomed as a member of the Club. Plus no Entrance Fee and the opportunity for reduced Fitness Center fees. The Yale Club of Washington, D.C. is among the most vibrant of all Yale clubs across the country. This website is maintained, hosted, and operated independently of Yale University. It is thanks to the financial support of our membership that we are able to do so much. These fees are according to those who had their wedding there in the past. The regular membership rate is $55 per year. There is a $190.00 (plus tax) activation fee to open the account. The membership is a $200-$400 value, which you can get for only $150 through this one-time special offer. Also eligible for membership shall be the surviving spouse of any deceased member and the parents and grandparents of current or past students at the University. Established in 1897. This site development was supported by the Association of Yale Alumni. The Yale Club of New York City has over 11,000 members from all around the world. You will be notified within 3 – 4 weeks with information about how to begin enjoying your Club benefits. SCHEDULE A TOUR To learn more about membership dues or about other Club services, contact the Membership office below. Our speaker luncheons are held the second Tuesday of the month beginning in November and extending through May. Any person who has been connected with any department of Yale University as a student or as an instructor, or who has received an honorary degree from the University, shall be eligible for membership in the association. Membership includes unlimited daily use of the Outdoor Center and rental privileges. I would generally agree with the prior answers but I want to add a few observations: The Princeton Club is housed in a bland mid-century building with very little character. Established in 2005, the CORE: Club’s member list is not just one percenters, it’s the .1 percenters, according to a lengthy piece published in the New York Times in 2011. Its membership is restricted almost entirely to alumni and faculty of Yale University. Discounted dues are available for recent graduates, parents of current students, widows and widowers, young professionals, as well as senior members from any Yale school. (BY-LAWS, Yale Club of the Suncoast, Inc, Article II, Section I). Season Pass Rates 2020 (June 12 through Sept 7) Gym Membership: Dues for gym membership are not included in the annual dues. The Yale-Jefferson Awards are presented annually to three Yalies – a Yale College student, a graduate or professional school student, and a member of the alumni body – who have demonstrated service that draws on the Yale community and benefits the world beyond Yale.

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