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These things allow me to have a life outside of medicine which is crucial. With the STEAM investigates the same concepts, but does this through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in the creative process. Consider the strict code of Black History Month, we now have a chance to celebrate how far black people Each season in life has its purpose. STEM represents science, technology, engineering and maths. We historians that help us to access and interpret humanity’s past, liberating us I am one of the Co-authors of mind the gap which is a clinical Handbook of signs and symptoms in black and Brown skin. I never had a concrete reason why, but I would say I’m quite an intuitive person, and my spirit just took to medicine, it fit for me. pounds invested in space exploration that could instead be used on earth. government's shift in focus towards funding for STEM and research, a shift in These fields of study don’t necessarily produce tangible goods and products, like STEM … The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. These By incorporating all of these fields together, with a STEAM approach, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, it … People deserve to be able to live in peace and not live in constant fear. Yet, I would say the same for a lot STEM … When I think it's so important to have faith in your own work and then from there everything else will fall into place. We need to continue to use our voices and spread awareness for there to be change because all black matters matter everywhere. unfortunately, are not uncommon. Yes, some humanities courses are easy. - Confusion: I was confused as to what had caused/triggered this manic episode as he didn’t seem to have any past personal or family psychiatric history nor alcohol or drug use. In many ways STEM and the humanities are constantly pitted The benefits of STEM include tools for innovation, a better understanding of the world’s functioning, logical thinking development, math skills, and problem-solving skills. A truth that believes that things are actually getting better, that the black struggle isn’t “as bad” anymore or that we are creating our own division by only showcasing our success and not everybody else’s. The candour of Mr Shanbhag’s words sparked huge discussion about the abuse doctors face whilst working on a day-to-day basis. or, "Why did you go to Berkeley for that?" Edited by Omolara Akinnawonu, By Tabitha Kusi- Yeboah. Edited by Omolara Akinnawonu, By By Nana Asafu-Adjaye. Frankly, they have very different needs in terms of resources. It asks the ones who came out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement to release the number of black employees in the organisation especially in executive and senior roles. I chose to frame the arts more widely to include the humanities, and asked the attendees: How do we identify the challenges we wish to work on? This year was one I had so many plans for, particularly this summer, the summer I was to graduate and finally become a doctor after 8 years of university. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.’ Our pain and struggles continue to be overlooked and this is very much evident with the death of Breonna Taylor. The main difference between STEM and STEAM is STEM explicitly focuses on scientific concepts. “How else could we determine and If you told me three months ago that today, as I’m writing this post, I would be in my first working week as an employed doctor? different varieties of communication? The GMC stated that there is a “statistically significant” discrepancy between pass rates of BME doctors who are in speciality training vs their white colleagues. In Nigeria, there are END SARS protests against brutality and oppression by the police. Under Minister Tehan’s plan girls will be steered out of Arts/Humanities towards their traditional gender-stereotyped careers in teaching, nursing, and psychology. Who will write future great films and literature? with the idea that science is a field cold and devoid of morality. humanities as pertaining more to human existence. I was recently part of a conversation at the Fields Institute at the University of Toronto which asked another question: “What does the A stand for in STEAM?” STEAM inserts arts into the acronym for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). there is a constant media hype regarding science overstepping its boundaries. Have too much fiber without and protein and you may not be able to get out of the bathroom! STEM is short for the field of studies involving science, technology, engineering and mathematics. More on early provisional registration of final year medical students and its impact on medical students, Covid-19: medical schools given powers to graduate final year students early to help NHS, Joint statement: early provisional registration for final year medical students, Medical Students Are Not Essential Workers: Examining Institutional Responsibility During the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Education, Earlier this year, I had a six-week placement in psychiatry and had the privilege interacting with many admirable psychiatrists who went above and beyond for their patients and with patients who kindly shared their stories and struggles with me. Have too much protein without any fiber from vegetables and you might feel pretty bloated. Building a bridge obviously takes more resources than writing a novel (to use a reductive false-equivalence). Disclaimer: All initials and some details have been omitted/changed to preserve patient anonymity. It was clear to see that some people hating the fact that ‘Mind the Gap’ was having such a good impact. STEM and humanities is like a well-balanced meal. With the resurgence of the BLM campaign alongside the protests happening in Africa, Black History Month is especially important this year, despite it being difficult to celebrate our success whilst enduring hardship. This journey was not an easy one AT ALL. This could not be further from the truth. Her murder along with the countless innocent lives ruthlessly killed has once again shown us that black lives and especially black women are disposable, and we are invaluable and the very people that were put in place to protect her, are the ones who caused the most harm. Engineers do not fit at the UN table. Edited by Omolara Akinnawonu, By Jessica Katanga. I wanted to know more about his ideas and where they originated from. Edited by Omolara Akinnawonu, By Malone Mukwende. underpaid Junior Doctors in the NHS, and in debates discussing the millions of However, at notable times of the year such as For the first year, it requires a contribution of over three thousand pounds, and in subsequent years you get a combination of student finance and the NHS bursary which is usually less than your previous student finance loan. The presence of implicit racist bias therefore has the power to degenerate the patient-physician relationship, affect the efficacy of patient consultations, and by domino effect, the outcome of such consultations. I have multiple outlets which give me a breather and allow me to enjoy myself outside of medicine. Student, University of California, Berkeley, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Within that time, I have completed one degree, applied for Graduate Medicine (which is extremely competitive) and studied the entire 2-year preclinical course in less than a year. ... What is important is that every human being deserves to learn about the arts and humanities, just as each … English/ Modern foreign languages would we appreciate the value and beauty of It’s been a long and untraditional journey but nevertheless one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Within the humanities, one can learn another language, which can open the window into a new culture, a new worldview.” If students are pushed into STEM with no opportunity of broader studies, they are confined to a reality with no past, present nor future. It has also been found that doctors from the most deprived backgrounds received a higher proportion of unsatisfactory outcomes – 13% compared to the average of 5%8. The rise of STEM majors and the decline of the humanities, then, could be a sign that colleges, schools, parents, an… warring disciplines but are instead unified fields in a symbiotic relationship. Even in Nigeria the government, most importantly President Buhari has a duty to its people and to do right by them but rather than obliging the basic cry for help from the youth of their country they are governed by greed and corruption. I have spoken about ‘Mind the Gap’ on various platforms so I won’t repeat the same story again for this platform. Medicine is all I have wanted to do since I was about 15. Three months ago I had only just written my finals, celebrated with travel, well, I came home to a different world than when I stepped on the plane to leave. It is this This is why it is so important to take breaks and be realistic with your workload to avoid burning out. Firstly, it is really intense, I will be studying consecutively for 7 years. Popular sites such as could also be seen to act as you look at STEM, you must also look at the physicists, biologists, geologists As the saying (or the pussycat dolls song) goes, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. English majors work well with close readings and analysis, as well as grammar and writing, which can be applied to media professions, law, business, creative professions, and politics. These sobering figures underline the struggle felt by many BAME NHS staff in trying to feel equal to the rest of their colleagues. It is of the general consensus that the patient-physician relationship does have a statistically significant effect on health care outcomes (Griffin S et al., 2004) (Harrington J et al., 2004)(Kelly J et al., 2014). I hope to see all hospitals applying a ‘zero-tolerance’ approach, and that NHS staff from all backgrounds work synergistically to enforce this approach. I hope that this illness does not throw him off his trajectory but instead can be used as fuel for his aspirations. This was exemplified by one such event in the summer of 2019 in which a patient was banned from Wigan Infirmary after demanding to be seen by a white doctor5. Edited by Omolara Akinnawonu. ©2020 Verizon Media. These majors look deeper into varied texts that affect media, culture, society, literature, and politics. They are intricately intertwined, and by choosing to believe otherwise, we are Fortunately, many NHS staff from a BME background are realising the fact that discrimination and racism from patients is unacceptable and are finding the confidence to report it. As a nation we are competing with countries that have an edge in these fields that we do not possess. Curiosity: As it was the first time, I had taken a history from somebody with mania, it was amazing to see grandiose delusions, an abstract concept I had only seen in textbooks, come to life. I have the utmost respect for psychiatrists because I honestly don’t know how they remain resilient in the face of very challenging patients with complex needs. Of course, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and thoughts however many would go out of their way to express their thoughts by sending hateful messages and emails. not limited to: Oxfam, UNICEF and Save the Children. Lastly, think about the benefit modern foreign languages offers in global STEM GUAP media company has shown a new and innovative approach of displaying and promoting diverse individuals within the creative industry. Students today are told from the time they are in grade school that only by studying STEM subjects can they hope to expect a successful and meaningful career. College students these days live in a society and economy that demand modernization and technological advances. Editied by Omolara Akinnawonu. Whether that be due to lack of access, delayed presentation, lack of family support or difference in prescriptions and treatment. Social studies is the study of people and cultures. Patients engaging in such behaviour will be issued a “sports-style disciplinary yellow card” as a warning and any continuation will lead to a ‘red card’ in which a patient will be removed from the hospital as soon as safely possible. While the Department of Education (DoE) attempts to find a one-size-fits-all solution for more than 14,000 public school districts through its Common Core Standards, the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) have been placed as the focal point for education, well ahead of arts and humanities. Humanities is a combination of Language Arts and Social Studies. It doesn’t seem to be just staff though, as medical students have also been calling out the microaggressions that they experience on placement – some reporting being called “golliwog” and made to feel inferior, without any reaction from members of staff3.

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