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Let us know what you’re thinking. Scotsman CU1526SA1 Prodigy Air Cooled Undercounter which produces small cubed ice. They understand the vital part ice plays in business and in life, whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, bar, supermarket, fast-food outlet, hospital, laboratory, or a food processing facility, Scotsman design their units with you and your business in mind. The company produces different models of ice machines, including models that make cubes, nuggets and flakes, and they are designed to be efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. Second, Watersense technology helps reduce scale buildup so that you’re not spending all your time cleaning this ice maker. Scotsman Ice Systems South Africa are the sole importers of affordable, reliable ice-making machines in the 1950s. 99 Higher ambient air temperatures will mean your ice maker will struggle with producing enough ice, and the constant demand can cause your ice maker to fail. Featuring less than 2% residual water content, it’s our coldest form of ice and is very dry. We provided a simple chart that gives you estimations on how much ice different businesses could potentially use each day. The perfect solution for QSR, cafés, banquet venues and cinema. Classic six-sided ice cube. Scotsman Ice Machines. If you want the flexibility of ice-making facilities at your location, Scotsman offer the perfect solution to your needs. Scotsman ice makers offer the most variety of ice than any other manufacturer, as well as their famous nugget ice, which is soft chewable ice and is perfect for healthcare facilities. Production Which Scotsman Ice Machines will feature XSafe? capacity, push chute and easy-access bin in stainless steel. These ice and water dispensers are perfect for offices, nursing homes and doctor offices because they are small and compact. Scotsman has several small ice dispensers called the Meridian™ Series Ice and Water Dispenser. Products; Service + Support; Resource Center; Industry Insights close. We recommend cubed ice for cocktails, soft drinks, blended frozen drinks, bagged ice and dispensed ice because of its slow-melting properties. These ice makers have a beautiful stainless steel construction, they are front venting (which means you can enclose them in your cabinets), are ETL listed, and produce either soft-chewable nugget ice, or gourmet ice. Ice Storage Systems . Cravings for the soft, crunchy goodness of this ice can now be satisfied at home with family and friends. The condenser is a crital part of your ice maker, and something that you should understand. Remote condensers are good because it means you don’t have to deal with the excess noise and heat, but remote condensers are hard to install and cost a lot more money than self-contained condensers. Seriously! Overall, Scotsman ice machines are at the top of ice production, maintenance and operation. Your residents will be able to serve themselves, whenever they are in need of a cold, refreshing glass of water. The XSafe system will be rolled out and fitted as standard across every range of Scotsman Ice maker with the exception of the entry level AC-Series, the industrial MAR scale ice machines and some of the larger flaked ice makers. Below are the best Scotsman ice makers for residential use. The unique shape prevents clumping and allows the cubes to melt slower, allowing drinks to stay truer to the flavors you love. Flake ice is great for displaying seafood, or for packing food for shipment. Scotsman warrants to the original purchaser –user that any Scotsman brand consumer product of its manufacture will be free from defects in material and workmanship when shipped from the factory, and will perform adequately under normal use if properly installed and maintained in accordance with the Manual accompanying the product. This Scotsman ice maker is a great unit for a small sized restaurant, bakery or cafe. The only CON with an air-cooled ice maker is that it’s more bulkier than other units. Used with modular ice makers, they enable high storage capacities in high production situations, to match customer requirements in full. This Scotsman ice maker is great for larger restaurants for businesses that use a lot of ice each day. We recommend the Scotsman Prodigy Series. If you need to install an ice maker with an ambient air temperature that regularly exceed 80 degrees, then I suggest a remote condenser for your business. We also suggest that you purchase an undercounter unit so that it’s tucked away neatly and easily accessible. The use of parts that are not Scotsman Genuine Service Parts may negatively impact performance of your ice machine. Cafés and coffee shops are known for creating fantastic iced coffee, smoothies, and other taste-satisfying beverages. The regular maintenance of any ice maker is what guarantees the unit will last and will produce pure ice. This means that your ice maker will need a second source of water in order for it to function correctly. 15 Inch outdoor freestanding and built-in ice maker with 80 pounds daily ice production, 26 pounds of ice storage, nugget ice, ETL listed, and is designed and built in stainless steel. We are the authority on ice makers, ice cream makers and really everything that has to do with ice. I want to conclude this post with the best Scotsman ice makers for your home. It’s also perfect for office lunchrooms because these units don’t take up a lot of room. C248SR-32 48" Prodigy Plus Remote Condenser Small Cube Ice Machine with 1965 pounds daily capacity, autoalert indicator lights, WaterSense purge control and harvest assist in stainless steel. Produces 500 pounds of medium cubed ice each day. Scotsman ice makers are reliable units and will be perfect for your home or business. After over a half-century of research, innovation and superior customer service, we are proud to say that there are more than a million Scotsman ice machines at work around the world today, in more than 100 countries. Cafés and coffee shops also need dependable ice makers for their everyday operations. We’ll give you all the numbers, facts and opinions of professionals and Scotsman ice maker owners, and you’ll be able to determine if owning a Scotsman is the best choice for you. A wide variety of scotsman ice maker options are available to you, There are 141 suppliers who sells scotsman ice maker on, mainly located in Asia. This way your ice is always clean and tasting great. We have listed the best units above, and hope that this article guides you to make an informed decision. Having the serial number for your Scotsman ice machine will allow you to determine the date of manufacture. capacity, push chute and easy-access bin in stainless steel. Remember, these numbers are just estimations, and only you can know how much ice your business will require. This ice maker produces 525 pounds of ice each day. Scotsman ice machines south africa, durban, guateng, mpumalanga, freestate, cape town, north west, kwazulu natal, ice business stater, spares, sales Whatsapp 0722315060 Mobile: (anytime) 0722315060 - Cell : 0620951161- Tel: (usually faulty) 0861111895 / … 938 scotsman ice maker products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which ice machines accounts for 8%, ice makers accounts for 1%, and bbq tools accounts for 1%. Using the Scotsman website, you may validate the warranty, if there are any service updates, or check to see if the machine has been recalled. For large hotels or businesses that need a lot of ice, it’s recommended that you purchase the Scotsman BH1600SSA storage bin. With self-contained ice dispensers, ice cube makers and ice cube flakers available. The HD30W-1 30" IceValet Hotel Ice and Water Dispenser with 180 lbs. This requires an ice machine head. This is often not feasible for most businesses. Scotsman Ice Systems pioneered the development of affordable, reliable ice-making machines in the 1950s. Many of the ice makers you’re going to see on this list are ice maker heads which require you to purchase a separate storage bin. Scotsman XSafe Kills 99% of all known Bacteria & Viruses! The Prodigy Plus ice makers come in a tall, slim self-serve units and large modular units. Scotsman Ice Srl - Via Lainate 31 20010 Pogliano Milanese - Milano - Italy Phone: +39 02 93960 208 Fax: +39 02 93960201 VAT number IT 06586370964 Corporate capital: Euro 14.200.560 fully paid-in Fiscal code and Milan Companies' Registry number 06586370964 Company with a sole shareholder subject to direction and coordination These ice makers produce an extraordinary amount of ice each day (Over 2100 pounds of nugget ice). Below is a chart which will give you a rough idea of how much ice you’re going to need, then you can purchase the correct sized storage bin. These ice makers use fresh air to move across the condensers to cool the equipment. Often times when purchasing a new ice maker, you’ll see three styles of condensers – air-cooled, water-cooled and remote condenser. Flaked ice is perfect for businesses that pack and ship food. Loud ice makers can affect our sleep, disturb our customers, and are just annoying. In this post, we’re going to determine if you should purchase a Scotsman ice maker for your home or business. There are three types of ice makers that produce nugget ice: dispensers, modular and undercounter units. With so many different units available for you to purchase, it’s hard to determine which one will be best for your home, business, factory, or healthcare facility. They come with two different types of cooling options: air cooled and water cooled. Made by irregular fragments of ice with a variable thickness adjustable from 1 to 2 mm. An efficient way to keep your ice supply cool and available. Scotsman Genuine Service Parts are manufactured to meet the specific design and performance criteria necessary for optimal performance of Scotsman equipment. Below are the different types of ice, Scotsman ice makers produce. ICE MACHINE SIZING & SELECTOR TOOL. Because Cafés, coffee shops and cafeterias are normally smaller than restaurants, we recommend a smaller unit that produces around 100-500 pounds of ice each day. (Pump drain). The bottom line, Scotsman has been making ice makers longer than I have been alive, they know their stuff. The Scotsman EcoX Range of ice making equipment operate on either R290 (Propane) or R744 (Carbon Dioxide) natural refrigerants (model dependant) which have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) value of 3 or less making the Scotsman EcoX ice makers fully complaint with both current and forthcoming F-Gas regulations.. It features AutoAlert control panel and WaterSense purge control in stainless steel – 115 volts. Their larger Prodigy Plus units will make 500-1400 pounds of ice. Water-cooled ice makers also have condensers contained inside the unit, but they require a constant flow of cold water to run pass over the condenser to remove the heat. Several machines that do not really fit above classifications but perfectly go and complete Scotsman offer. First, indicator lights that alert you to important actions. An efficient way to keep your ice supply cool and available. Some of the Scotsman ice makers below will need a storage bin accessory added to your order. Daily Ice Production, 26 lbs. Produces 80 pounds of nugget ice each day. It features AutoAlert control panel and WaterSense purge control in stainless steel – 115 volts. Storage Bin is Included (110 Pounds). We recommend that a café, coffee shop and cafeteria use cubed or small cubed ice. For this type of ice quantity, you’re going to need to purchase a machine head, and the correct sized storage bin. The Scotsman C2648MR-3 48" Prodigy Plus Remote Condenser which serves medium cubed ice and produces 2630 pounds of ice daily, AutoAlert indicator lights, WaterSense purge control and Harvest Assist in beautiful stainless steel. This Scotsman nugget ice maker paired with the Scotsman B948S ice storage bin, is perfect for hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes or any business looking for a lot of soft, chewable nugget ice. Scotsman ice makers are great units for restaurants and bars. They produce between 260-500 pounds of ice each day. 2020 Ice Maker Geeks. Scotsman offer serval different types of ice makers, and not all of them will be right for your business or home. 2-Pack Ice Machine Cleaner/Descaler - 8 Total Uses (4 Uses Per Bottle) - Made in USA - Works on Scotsman, Manitowoc, Opal and many others (Ice Maker Cleaner/Icemaker Cleaner) 4.4 out of 5 stars 408 $17.99 $ 17 . Ice produced just below zero degrees Celsius. This ice maker produces 905 pounds of ice each day. Third, Vari-Smart which gives you the control of scheduling your ice output for up to seven days. The CU3030SW-1 Prodigy air cooled undercounter, small cube ice machine with 347 pounds of daily capacity, 110 pounds of storage capacity, AutoAlert control panel and WaterSense purge control in stainless steel. Before you can decide which ice maker will work for you and your business, you need to determine how much ice you’re going to use each day. Its greater surface for heat exchange promotes rapid chilling. All rights reserved. Scotsman sells a wide-variety of great ice makers for residential use, and more specifically for your outside kitchen. Ideal for food processing and large food displays in supermarkets. Cubed ice melts slower, cools beverages faster and is versatile. Produces 180 pounds of ice each day and stores 80 pounds of ice at one time, 15 Inch outdoor freestanding and built-in ice maker with 80 pounds daily ice production, 26 pounds of ice storage, nugget ice, ETL listed, and is designed and built in stainless steel. best choice for a cafe, coffee shop or cafeteria. These ice makers come in two parts: the ice machine head and a separate storage bin. The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. When it comes to the condenser, you’ll need to choose an ice maker that properly fits your venue. Storage Capacity and External Air Filter in Black and Grey, Produces 340 pounds of nugget ice each day, CU0415MA-6 15" Essential Ice Air Cooled Undercounter Medium Cube Ice Machine with 58 lbs. (Gravity drain), 15 Inch undercounter ice maker with 30 pounds of daily ice production, 26 pounds of ice storage, gourmet ice, auto shut-off, UL listed, and in panel ready. C0530MR-1 30" Prodigy Plus Remote Condenser that produces medium cubed ice with 500 pounds of daily capacity, AutoAlert indicator lights, WaterSense purge control and Harvest Assist in a beautiful looking stainless steel.

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