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HOW TO USE THE META SNAPSHOT This tier list shows the best decks to play in Ranked mode to maximize the chances of winning the game and climbing the ladder. Plot Twist can be used to redraw cards if your hand is useless in the current situation, hopefully replacing them with better ones. Mantra 3: You Can Find an Excuse or You Can Find a Way. Unless the format is beyond slow, the Augmented Elekk-Plot Twist combo isn’t going to be any good seeing as it is a more complicated form of Dead Man’s Hand at that point. You can solarium get 3 cards than redraw them and probably not discard anything?. It has potential if you summon a bunch of guys with powerful deathrattles, but I don’t think it’s worth it to build your entire deck around this combo. I think this is going to be the basis of a new Fatigue Warlock archetype, just like Dead Man’s Hand created a new type of Warrior deck. Cool, fun card. And here it comes in the hands of warlock. Cut both decks in half and then while have a big ish hand play this with Elekk to load up your deck with at least 2 copies of the cards in your hand go into wild and you could possibly drop 2 guldans. Download Download Free. English (US) Deutsch. But Renounce lock is cheep. The only reason why Handlock even exists right now is Genn Graymane, and playing this on turn two or three delays the Mountain Giant drop until turn five since this does not cycle itself as well. As his team continues planning new adventures for Hearthstone, that ability to have plot twists and dig deeper into lore, even while keeping the storytelling light, is important to Brode. That’s 3 mana draw 1. Wild control warlock could run doll master for doll master plot twist into malgantis and voidlords or to search for guldan and removal/tech cards more efficiently, this appears to be a very powerful card for mid-range/control variants of warlock. still a powerful tool for a class that doesn’t need much card advantage. I just really don’t see the benefit to playing this compared to just … drawing cards. Draw that many cards. Blizzard is really trying to make Plot Twist Warlock a thing. In Wild, Plot Twist has powerful synergy wit… 5 szavazat érkezett. Draw that many cards. Alternatively, it can be used to exploit card effects that activate when drawn like Aranasi Broodmother, Fel Lord Betrug, and Keli'dan the Breaker and to search for Felhound Portals. Confront Vol'jamba ; Vol'jamba slain: Description It is time to end Vol'jamba. Don’t think this is quite up to par with the power nine, but it does a nice imitation for HS, This is winds of change, way worse than timetwister, Yes this card is probably pretty good but you guys are forgetting the true value of a card like this… The memes with Dollmaster Dorian. The primary appeal of the card in such a deck would be to assist in the aggressive match-up as a way to dig down deeper into their deck to find board sweepers and removal. This card alone will make control warlock a thing in new meta. if you coin this on turn 1 its a two mana draw 3, if you play it on turn 2 with coin, it draws 5, if you play it turn 2 on the play it draws 4. all the while not putting you further into fatigue. Most threatening thing to this card is a daring reporter. This card makes it so that your raffam can be used in a control matchup. You can use it to fish for board clears against aggro, or you use it to go infinite against control. It has some better uses with dollmaster Dorian at turn 8 though 3 chances at say a voidlord from solarium and then at least 3 more chances at it when shuffle cards. Besides that, might be tested in Wild Renolock because, well, there are more specific cards that you’d like to have at certain times (or want to shuffle away, vice versa). I deffinately think Barnes is the problem. Kinda reminds me of Renounce Darkness, but less cool and a little more functional. It is much more similar to Reload or Magical Mallet in Yugioh. how can anyone not see it? Plot Twist card really is not good. And warlock does not have that much when drawn efects so the effect is much more usefull for rogues. Plot Twist can be used to redraw cards if your hand is useless in the current situation, hopefully replacing them with better ones. 26+ Tome Of Origination Hearthstone Original Resolution: 480×360 hearthstone plot twist warlock in saviors of uldum hearthstone videos.

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