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The Miura VS is made with a leather upper, allowing the shoe to flex and form to the shape of your foot. The Miura VS is a more recent Velcro version of the Miura. • The Slingshot … The low volume toe that can fit in thin cracks presses down hard on the top of the big toe, and may hurt if you size down. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. The down turned toe sucks the foot into the rock and works well even when the climber is stretched out. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The P3 midsole lets you power down through your toes on the tiniest of features. Available at … The Miura VS uses XS Edge, while its low volume sister (Miura VS Women’s) features XS Grip. La Ligne Noire (8a+), Bionnassay, Chamonix. That said, the Miura VS lacks some of the flexibility and sensitivity that some climbers love for hooking and smearing. The La Sportiva Miura has a downturned sole which makes it suited for steep or overhanging sport climbing and bouldering. Shoe Review – La Sportiva Miura VS You’ve worn a hole through your first pair of climbing shoes because it turns out that you really like climbing (you might even be a little addicted to … Oh yeah, headlamp. “What was that? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This is the climbing shoe version female, the Miura VS , by its shape, structure and colors. View Product. What am I forgetting? Upper: Leather. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. As a climbing ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park... Quinn Brett: Look Up, Stand Still, Breathe,…,…,…,…. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoe Yellow - 43 at The pricing information on this page is updated hourly but we are not responsible for inaccuracies. Browse La Sportiva… I sized my pair super tight, so my heel felt very secure and the shoe did not threaten to slip. Earlier this year, I wore this shoe whenever I was bouldering, clipping bolts, or climbing steep faces, from the Red River Gorge and the New River Gorge to bouldering in Bishop, limestone sport climbing near Vegas, and the steep crags of Rocky Mountain National Park. One of our testers felt the buckle pushing hard on to the top of his foot whenever he flexed his foot into the smearing position. They are made on the same last, but for the most part, the similarities stop there. Furthermore, the Butora Acro ($160) also is a worthy, and more budget-friendly, alternative. 4.83 . Some boulderers and sport climbers will be content with the Miura VS, but others will want a shoe with a softer build and more rubber on the toe and heel for hooking. However, with softer XS Grip 2 rubber in the heel, a far more supple midsole, and rubber on the toe and heel for secure hooking, you get great performance for steep climbing and bouldering. ... including La Sportiva box, which is not to be used as shipping packaging. I love climbing shoes that I can keep on all day, and sometimes even wear with socks. Accordingly, the Miura VS likely will not work for climbers with particularly wide feet. They’re at their best on technical, … After some breaking in, they start to feel more sensitive than they do out of the box. Price: $185Downturn: AggressiveUpper: LeatherRubber: Vibram XS Edge (women’s: Vibram XS Grip 2)What we like: Both versatile and high performance. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LA SPORTIVA Men's Miura VS Climbing Shoe at Founded in 2014, Butora now boasts a full line-up of climbing shoes... A shadow passes over. For the most part, this is a matter of preference: we know many men who swear by the women’s Miura VS for its softer, stickier sole, and many women who appreciate the more solid feel of edging in the men’s Miura VS. Edging. I felt like the shoe was able to take all of my foot’s power and move it directly to the edge of the toe box. Share your thought: Write a Review. Though the Miura VS is most definitely “high performance,” it actually is an all-around tool that would improve every climber’s performance, no matter what discipline they are into. La Sportiva Miura VS Women’s Vibrum XS Grip 2 (with some comparison to the lace version) Weight: 8.23 oz / 228 g. Sizes: Women’s: 33 – 42 (half sizes) Size Tested: 34.5 in the VS; 35 in the lace-up. Reviews. This stiff, aggressive shoe is perhaps best known for its ability to perch on tiny edges, … Its value is in how you use it. International shipping availability and rates vary by seller. There is a myriad of styles and techniques in the sport of rock climbing. Men's Price MSRP: $155.00 Current Retail: $175.00-$185.00 Historic Range: $39.95-$185.00 ... Find the best footwear product for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and ratings. Pull tabs help move the heel away as you slip it on, stretching the slingshot rand like a rubber band. This shoe is stiff, allowing it to provide incredible edging power on vertical to overhanging terrain. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for La Sportiva Men's Miura VS at New color design of the classic La Sportiva Miura. La Sportiva Otaki offers quite comfortable experience As some of you know, I've been publishing in-depth information around La Sportiva's climbing shoes for months now.Some of the climbers say that the Otaki is a modified Miura … In the beginning, I grimaced every time I put the shoe on: pulling the rand over my heel was like an exercise in suctioning. 5.0. A combination of a Slingshot rand and Powerhinge System allows plenty of flex for smearing while maintaining lateral support for better edging performance. Read more about us. This shoe is not comfortable for wide feet (like ours). All trademarks property of their respective owners View Product. La Ligne Noire (8a+), Bionnassay, Chamonix. I sized my VS a half size down from my trad shoes (I wear size 38.5 in the TC Pro, 40 in La Sportiva approach shoes, and 38 in the Miura VS) and endured a painful break-in period before the shoes stretched out enough to be comfortable while climbing. The flatter fit of the original Miura (left) makes them a better all-arounder and generally more comfortable than the Miura VS (right). The steeper, the better. Climbing in the specialized La Sportiva Miura VS. La Sportiva Miura Women’s Review The La Sportiva Miura is a true classic when it comes to high end sport climbing shoes. The Miura Lace, on the other hand, lacks the same stiff, shape-holding design, and as a result will flatten out and grow soft over time. The La Sportiva Miura VS is a high performance climbing shoe with a hook-and-loop closure system for amazing edging control and pocket climbing performance. I upgraded to these from the Katanas La Sportiva Miura Climbing Shoe … Also, the rubber patch around the back of the foot is thick and large enough to protect from rock on all sides. These velcro shoes are slightly down turned and edge on small holds. The La Sportiva Miura VS Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe has been helping climbers send and winning awards left and right since its creation. Aug 13, 2018. W ith names such as Testarossa and Miura casting allusions towards Italian supercars, I was expecting big things of La Sportiva rock shoes. Great aggressive shoe. And I wasn't disappointed! You won't paste your toes on Braille up the rock in this shoe. Coincidentally, now that La Sportiva is making the wider-lasted Otaki, the Miura has been all but eliminated from my quiver. The shoes excel when you're edging or sticking your toes in tiny pockets. The good news is that it’s painless and will go away over time (if you’re not consistently wearing the Miura VS). Whether you spend your days climbing indoors or scaling multi-hundred-foot monoliths, it’s always helpful to know what you need. It’s so ubiquitous, it’s been termed the “Miura bump. Shoes, harness, rope, helmet, cams, locking carabiners, draws, chalk bag, wind shell, puffy, rain shell, base layer. The Miura VS is on the narrow side, so given my wide feet, I bought the men’s version for its wider last. Photo: Lukasz Warzech Friday, 22 April 2016 Total transparency: La Sportiva started supporting me earlier this year. La Sportiva Miura VS #1 in Climbing Shoes Specs. The La Sportiva Miura VS is a high performance climbing shoe with a hook-and-loop closure system for amazing edging control and pocket climbing performance. La Sportiva Miura Women’s Review The La Sportiva Miura is a true classic when it comes to high end sport climbing shoes. We also tested the women’s version of the Miura VS on a climber with feet of normal width. The reason for this choice isn’t explicit, but I wonder whether La Sportiva chose to use the softer rubber on the low volume model as people with low volume feet tend to be lighter. 4 Stars. Compare (0) 1 item has been added. 3/3 . Shoe Review – La Sportiva Miura VS You’ve worn a hole through your first pair of climbing shoes because it turns out that you really like climbing (you might even be a little addicted to it). Other than that, everything went perfectly with Al's sporting goods (Vendor). The La Sportiva Miura VS ($185) doesn’t work for everyone, but if the shoe fits, you’ll likely be wearing it for years to come. Product reviews (5) Jonny. For this review, our primary tester was a female who wore the men’s version of the Miura VS—her wide feet were better accommodated by the last of the men’s shoe. The La Sportiva Miura is a high performance lace-up climbing shoe for edging control and pocket climbing performance. Share your thought: Write a Review. With both, expect more support and comfort but less precision overall. The curve of the VS is reinforced with Sportiva’s P3 technology: a stiff randing system that holds the aggressive downturn for the life of the shoe and helps transfer your foot’s power to the toe. Good looking, high performance and comfortable are some of the things that come to mind, and just like the Lamborghini its name points towards, the Miura VS is packed with technology and power. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for La Sportiva Miura VS Climbing Shoe - Women's Ice Flower 34 at Slip on the La Sportiva Muira VS climbing shoes, cinch the hook-and-loop straps and start up a steep climb with great control. They’ve asked me to write a quick review of their Miura VS … HUGE. At home on steep climbs with tiny edges and itty-bitty pockets, the women's La Sportiva VS climbing shoes slip on easily and help you power through hard, pumpy moves with greater control. The La Sportiva Miura VS is a high performance velcro climbing shoe with great edging capabilities, designed to excel in pockets.. Definitely the shoe you would pack for a trip to Margalef, the La Sportiva Miura VS has distinguishing characteristics and is enriched with a number of innovative technical solutions. Whether you’re top roping in the gym, projecting 5.14, or climbing Cerro Torre in Patagonia, you’ll want the right harness for the job. The theory is that most men are heavier and need a sturdier platform (XS Edge) in order to edge powerfully. Reviews. When it comes to the technical footwork that sport climbers demand, the Miura VS is the Ferrari of shoes: they stand on miserable little edges I can barely see. The La Sportiva Miura VS is the slightly stiffer version of the Miura Lace, as well as being better suited for wider feet. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. The women's version of the La Sportiva Miura VS is a fantastic climbing shoe. Because of this tight fit, there’s no way I would want to climb slab or crack in the Miura VS—it would be far too painful. !” “I don’t know. Miura > Vapor imo! The buckle can also be an issue if the shoe isn't sized just right. Read La Sportiva Miura VS product reviews, or select the size, width, and color of your choice. The good news for climbers is that there are more quality products and styles to choose from than ever before. In short, unless you're planning to climb steep terrains and/or overhanging areas pretty much all the time, then I'd mostly recommend the Miura. Miura … Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. It’s staying power and popularity speaks to the quality and innovation … But if the fit is too slim, La Sportiva’s new Otaki ($180) is a wider, slightly less stiff cousin of the Miura VS, but overall is a very similar shoe. While you can size them large enough to climb this sort of terrain, you’ll sacrifice performance on small edges or steeper terrain, which is what the shoe is built for. Great aggressive shoe. The La Sportiva Men’s Miura VS Climbing Shoe could be the tight-fitting rock climbing footwear for the money. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. Let go, and the heel sucks back into place nicely. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Excellent edging, stiff, excellent in pockets.

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