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A customer named Xinyu considers the Citi Rewards Card to be one of the best Singapore credit cards and sums up their Citi Rewards experience in a short-but-sweet review: “My preferred credit card! Oh, and the annual fees are strictly not waivable, so don’t embarrass yourself by asking for one. Annual fees (usually waivable) fall in the $200 range… Check out popular credit, debit and prepaid cards from DBS Bank. They have an attainable ~$150 cashback sign up bonus when you spend $1200 on your card in 30 days (you’ll need to apply for the Cashback and Ready Credit Card as well to enjoy this promotion). Other credit cards also have this feature but Standard Chartered approves such requests easily. Even if you don’t recognize a small charge on your statement, it’s best to contact your credit card issuer about it. Credit cards are fine and dandy, but sometimes you have to rely on cash in certain emergency situations. Out of all the credit cards being offered to Singaporean consumers, we’ve painstakingly chosen the top 5 best credit cards just for you. Using this card also rewards you with Citi Miles, where 1 Citi Miles equates to a mile with Asia Miles, Qantas, and other airlines. UOB Reserve cardholders who still need more miles can buy as many as they want (subject to their credit limit) at 1.9 cents each through the UOB Reserve Payment Facility. Student credit cards work a little differently from the regular ones in the sense that they usually come with a lower credit limit to protect the bank from default risk. For the top tier of consumers, this can mean an initial credit line of $20,000 or more. NerdWallet’s credit card experts rank the best credit cards out there. The credit card limit is one of the most important things to understand when you're applying for a card. Dining discounts of up to 20% are offered at high-end establishments like Restaurant JAG, Origin Grill and Bar, Shang Palace, and Zafferano. Although different credit cards have different requirements, most credit cards require a minimum annual income of S$30,000 or higher. If you’re a frequent traveler, always make sure to inform your bank before you travel overseas. Those who love to travel and shop can reap in the benefits of this card. Your credit card’s credit limit largely depends on your annual income, but also on factors such as your age and credit score. Based on an average monthly spend of S$2,000, we analysed the best credit cards on the market to estimate returned value … Because of various credit card-related scams, banks will immediately notice any transactions made with your card if they originate from a different country. No Application. The only drawback is probably it is not as widely accepted as compared to VISA & Master. $20. If you’re hoping to get a Centurion, it may interest you to know that the total number of members in Singapore is allegedly capped at 1,500. Only ultra-high-net-worth individuals have a chance at being invited, and the card is said to be perhaps the most exclusive in the world. The free stay entitlement is capped at $400 per night, unfortunately, so it’s actually less generous than the Citi Prestige’s fourth night free benefit (which applies to any stay, whether it’s a $100 Hotel 81, or a $2,000 overwater villa at the St Regis Maldives). I use this card specifically for that purpose. However, you will need to provide the issuing bank with proof that you are financially-capable of paying off credit card dues. However, those who have an annual income of at least S$120,000 (or net personal assets of at least S$2 million, or net financial assets of at least S$1 million) are entitled to no regulatory credit card limits. Now that we’ve gone through all the technical details about credit cards, here are some reasons why you should get a credit card and why it should be one from our list of the best credit cards in Singapore. No longer need to hit the minimum amount of spending, good for flexible spenders. Instead of paying only the minimum payment every month, it’s always better to pay in full. You get to enjoy complimentary travel insurance when you use this card to pay for your airfare. Check out the infographic below to know more about the differences between a credit card and a debit card. Cardholders can expect benefits like unlimited lounge access, complimentary airport transfers, as well as special dining and hotel privileges. At the $30,000 mark lie the entry-level cards. Visa. Annual fee: $1,500. You can call in to waive for another 1 year.”. S$192.60 (inclusive of GST); first … Most credit card banks offer online credit card applications. Of course, you want to have the highest possible credit card limit … Thumbs up.”. Standard Chartered is one of the most trusted banks in Singapore, offering a wide variety of credit cards for all types of customers. Up to 1.5% on … Officially launched in 1999, the card was a response to urban legends that circulated in the 80s and 90s about a supposedly super-exclusive card that AMEX only issued to billionaires and celebrities. Here’s why some customers consider the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card as one of the best credit cards in Singapore you can get: According to a satisfied customer named Jayden: “Any amount of cashback! In response, they will immediately close your card and mark it for suspicious activity. Only works if your reservation is fully prepaid online. Enjoy exclusive benefits and financial perks, including 3 months of free Allianz Online Banking Protection Insurance with up to S$2,000 coverage! Always use a secured device and network for transactions. All other spend earns 1x points (0.4 mpd). Compare and find your ideal card with MoneySmart’s easy-to-use credit card comparison tool. AMEX Platinum Reserve Card; This is also one of the coveted credit cards that one can acquire in Singapore. Discover will automatically match all the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year! When a lender reviews your credit report and compares your total available credit with your income, having a credit limit higher than your income can support is a red flag to the credit … On top of this, cardholders can also enjoy exclusive discounts that the entire family can enjoy. Either way, both provide the convenience of cashless transactions and eliminates the need to go to the bank to withdraw money. But no one gets the Centurion to earn miles. The fastest way to get a credit card is to apply for a secured credit card. (c) the card issuer has obtained security or legally binding undertakings, or taken any other action, to ensure that, unless and until the amount that is outstanding on the credit card or charge card and all supplementary cards is not more than the difference between the credit limit of the credit card or charge card … By now, we know that owning a credit card comes with a lot of perks and privileges. With the best…, The Best Credit Cards in Singapore for All Needs [2020], Difference Between Credit Cards and Debit Cards, The Best Credit Cards in Singapore Overall, 3. The qualification criteria is as opaque as the card itself. Can I get a credit card? The most widely accepted credit cards in Singapore are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Do this at least once or twice a week. Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card. https://www.citibank.com.sg/gcb/credit_cards/premiermiles-visa-card.htm? If you want to avoid falling prey to such illegal activities, check out these tips: Look over your credit card transactions frequently. Different business credit cards exist to suit different business needs and goals. This is considered as one of the best credit cards in Singapore for travelers because it offers a handful of promos and discounts that will make spending on your travels more worth it. Unlike regular credit cards, secured credit cards requires a cash bond which the cardholder must deposit to bank and will be held for a certain period (usually 1 year). You wouldn’t want to be stranded without a credit card in a foreign country, now would you? By using a credit card, you can divide that big purchase into smaller payments over a certain period of time. Check them out! Monthly Spend Required. Yes, most businesses and transportation services in Singapore accept credit cards. It’s also perfect for frequent travelers because it provides travel inconvenience and travel accident insurance. you want a card just for shopping? When making online purchases, make sure that you’re connected to a private, secured network. To qualify for a DBS Insignia, you need an income of at least $500,000, or a private banking relationship with DBS (minimum Assets Under Management: $1.5M). You may also opt to be a supplementary cardholder, which is linked to a principal cardholder’s account. If you’re a globe-trotter who racks up a lot of miles, consider getting the following credit cards: To find out more about the travel privileges for each card, take a look at Our 5 Picks for the Best Miles Cards in Singapore! On the other hand, most credit cards require foreigners to have a higher minimum annual income of S$40,000 or higher. So, it’s only possible to use a debit card if there’s actually money in the cardholder’s bank account. By Aaron WongAaron started The MileLion to help people travel better for less and impress “chiobu”. On top of that, it also rewards frequent travelers. Submitting your card info online does not guarantee the reservation is processed online ... What are the best cards … The Citi ULTIMA requires a minimum income of $500,000 a year, or at least $5M AUM with Citibank. First timers are able to get complimentary vouchers if you fulfil the initial spend within a stipulated time. American Express® Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Credit Card; ... 10 mpd on Kaligo, 6 mpd on Expedia, 3 mpd for other hotels, limit $5K per month. Besides the convenience of paying over time, the best credit cards in Singapore even offer cashbacks and low to no interest rates on different purchases. Some of the best credit cards in Singapore even come with certain types of insurance for emergency situations like loss of income. Quick Suggestions for the Best Credit Cards in Singapore, Best Credit Cards for Shopping in Singapore, Best Credit Cards for Petrol in Singapore, Best Credit Cards for the Frequent Traveler in Singapore. Transportation and Food. A credit card allows the cardholder to borrow money (up to a certain limit) from the bank. Your total limit, a maximum of 4X your monthly income, will be split amongst your American Express Cards issued in Singapore (excluding the Cards issued by our local bank partner). If you’re going to far-off rural areas where credit cards aren’t that popular or safe to use, cash is the way to go. But still this is one of their best CC to me.”. The regulatory institution that oversees this is the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Most rewards credit cards in Singapore we see on the market comes with an average credit limit of about $5,000, while student cards … You get it to enjoy a laundry list of benefits, including: There’s a ton of other unpublished benefits, including a concierge supposedly capable of doing anything (legal) for you and invitations to black-tie events where the champagne and goodie bags flow freely, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. In July 2017, I wrote a post called The $120K Credit Card Showdown, which till today remains one of the most-read articles on The Milelion.In it, I weighed the pros and cons of six cards in … … This is where the best credit cards in Singapore truly shine, as they tend to offer more and better rewards than others. I found and applied for a cashback card easily on their website. Stratus White Card. The credit cards in our list above are the best credit cards in Singapore overall. Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card. Do note this covers airfare only, not taxes and airline surcharges, so it’s not completely free. While a relative few will qualify for the highest credit limits, average cardholders will receive card limits in the $3,000 to $5,000 range. At the $30,000 mark lie the entry-level cards. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re short on cash and need to make an emergency purchase, a credit card can come in handy. The cardholder then promises to pay back the amount of money borrowed from the bank on the bill’s due date, plus other applicable charges. Airport benefits include an unlimited Priority Pass membership as well as fast track immigration at airports in Asia with SpeedPass. Shopping Rewards and Promotions. UOB Reserve cardholders earn 1.6 mpd locally and 2.4 mpd overseas. FEES. The Citi PremierMiles Card is considered as one of the best credit cards in Singapore, especially for travelers, because of its generous travel perks. Annual fees here are upwards of an eye-popping $3,000, for which cardholders can expect bespoke service, free hotel stays, beck-and-call concierge assistance, and invitations to exclusive closed-door events like watch shows and luxury car launches. SCB X Card vs Premium Credit Cards: Is It Worth Getting? Your card will be cancelled within 5 mins and you’ll receive a new card in roughly 3 working days. By: Colin Ng If you’re looking for the best corporate credit cards in Singapore…, By Ryan Lim If you hate going over the counter at banks to withdraw…, By Colin Ng Who doesn’t want to earn money while shopping? The UOB Reserve allows you to qualify in four different ways: Although criteria (4) is wonderfully ambiguous, it’s safe to say that criteria (1)-(3) mean this is strictly a card for the upper crust of society. If so, you should get your hands on the best credit cards in Singapore for much faster and easier cashless transactions!Since there are countless banks in Singapore offering credit cards with different perks and benefits, it can be a bit hard to know which credit card matches your lifestyle. Sign-Up Bonus: The ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card … Citibank Rewards Card. However, many cardholders have reported successfully getting a higher … According to Dirl, here’s the reason why he considers the Amex True Cashback as one of the best credit cards in Singapore: “I like this particular cashback card as it has many other offers like SPC cashback, Lazada cashback, SP cashback, AMEX Pay cashback from time to time and the barrier to receive this cashback is relatively low. Paying the minimum payment only will slowly generate interest and will cost you more in the long run. Your credit limit affects how much you can spend with your plastic card. You won’t be seeing advertisements (or SingSaver sign up deals!) For example, cardholders can enjoy a one-way upgrade to First Class when they book a Business Class ticket on British Airways to or from Singapore. Sign in now to redeem your free online banking insurance, Personalised, bite-sized finance reads, money hacks and product recommendations, 3 months of free Allianz Online Banking Protection Insurance to protect your credit cards and bank accounts from online fraud, Your personal and financial data stays safe through 2-factor authentication. It comes with a complimentary stay at Village Hotel Sentora in a deluxe room worth more than S$360. He was 50% successful. If you find yourself spending a lot of money on petrol every month, you can reap rewards by getting these credit cards: To learn more about how you can save petrol money with these credit cards, check out our list of The 5 Best Credit Cards for Petrol in Singapore! Very efficient when it comes to fraud cases. But what if your needs are a bit more specific, e.g. Lots of families have enjoyed the benefits and rewards of having the HSBC Platinum Card.Here’s what Kathlyn L. has to say about the card and why she thinks it’s one of the best Singapore credit cards for families: “Yes I think this card can be quite useful for everyday spending because it has specific deals targeted at household expenditures such as a 5% cash rebate on family, dining and fuel spending. Annual fees (usually waivable) fall in the $200 range, and there isn’t much in the way of additional benefits. Based on an average monthly spend of S$2,000, we analysed the best credit cards on the market to estimate returned value-to … Citi offers the Airfare Privilege Program for ULTIMA cardholders, which grants a free companion ticket when buying a full fare First or Business Class ticket on American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Etihad, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas and Qatar Airways. Some even offer sign-up bonuses upon application. However, just like its counterparts, its minimum annual income requirement is also high at S$120,000, while the annual fee for this card … INTRO OFFER: Unlimited Cashback Match – only from Discover. Most credit cards offer rewards and promotions in the form of discounts, freebies, travel miles, and more. Debit Card. Every year, cardholders are entitled to 2 complimentary visits to airport lounges worldwide. High spenders on the AMEX Platinum Card are sometimes invited to apply, but more often, this is a card which finds you, not the other way round. Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard® SingSaver's Exclusive Offer. Visit Site. However, you are limited to student credit cards or prepaid credit cards. for any of these cards any time soon, but hopefully this helps to shed some light on this ultra-exclusive segment. Oh, did i mentioned? Read More Compare all available credit cards in Singapore … If you want a credit card that has many perks and benefits, then you will definitely love the AMEX True Cashback Card. “I used to be scared of credit cards, but SingSaver.com.sg made me realise that I don’t have to worry about debt if I pay my bill on time each month. Purchases at luxury merchants like Audemars Piguet, Bvlgari, IWC, and Hermes will also earn a promotional rate of 2.0 mpd, capped at $20,000 each month. Example restaurants in Singapore include Bread Street Kitchen, CUT, Labyrinth and Song of India. Yes, you can. Even before I got approved for this card, I was shown my credit limit if I were to be approved, which is kinda nice I guess. Yes, you can. Another thing that makes this one of the best credit cards in Singapore is that there’s no minimum spend. By paying in full and on time, you get a better credit score and potentially even a higher credit limit. The Citi Rewards Card is considered to be one of the best credit cards in Singapore because of the numerous positive reviews it receives from its loyal customer base. The credit limit you get upon ownership of the Insignia Visa card is double of that at a cool $1 million. The annual fee is a jaw-dropping $7,490 a year, and in the first year you’ll have to pay an additional $7,490 initiation fee. Did we miss anything in our lists? The largest purchase ever made using this card was on a $36 million for a rare porcelain chicken cup. Every year, thousands of people fall victim to various credit card-related scams and crimes. If you’re a frequent traveler, you will definitely like the Citi PremierMiles Card. If you use your credit card often and always pay on or before the bill’s due date, there’s a good chance that your credit score will be good or improve. “Applied for this card as singsaver at that time was offering $200 cash via paynow as a sign up bonus. Looking for the best credit cards in Singapore? What’s more, after your welcome bonus, you will be entitled to an unlimited cashback of 1.5% on all eligible purchases. This is his story. Highly recommended!”. In addition, annual fees can also be waived for 2 years, unlike most credit cards. Consider your business spending habits, fees and charges along with perks when comparing business credit cards. Every First or Business Class ticket purchased with the ULTIMA is entitled to complimentary airport meet and assist services, as well as free one-way airport transfers. A win-win situation for everyone. All credit card … Cardholders can further enjoy a reimbursement of the APEC Business Travel Card’s $100 application fee, which grants expedited immigration in certain countries. Both the principal and up to two supplementary cardholders will enjoy an unlimited visit Priority Pass. That’s a figure from 2012 and may well have changed, but suffice to say this is the classic example of “if you have to ask…”. Love it.” ”, Discover for yourself the most suitable option, Plus enjoy 3 months of free Allianz Online Banking Protection Insurance. Cardholders get a paltry 0.87 mpd on all spending, with the exception of EXTRA merchants like Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany & Co, where you earn 7.1 mpd. You also get rewards every time you make online and retail purchases on Lazada, TANGS, and many more. Need some quick cash for a big purchase but can’t apply for a credit card? On top of these, if you use the Citi PremierMiles card to pay for your ticket, you’re automatically covered by their travel insurance of up to S$ 1 million. If you’re a shopaholic and would like to take advantage of various promos and rewards, then these credit cards would be perfect for you: To know more on how to maximize your spending with these cards, you may want to read our picks for The 5 Best Cashback Credit Cards in Singapore! For the times when your credit card is declined for some reason and you can’t fix it immediately, good ol’ cash can save you from a sticky situation. However, you may need to submit some required documents to fulfill your application. It is really a TRUE cashback card. Since it is not possible to travel in this current COVID-19 situation, why not make use of this time at home to earn miles for when we all can travel again while you shop?”. The most exclusive ones boast of features such as an endless credit limit… First block your card via the app, next call the hotline to hold the transaction and report fraudulent. If you’re traveling by yourself, you’ll enjoy a 15% saving on full-fare First and Business Class tickets. Cardholders who spend at least $1M in a membership year will be upgraded to the UOB Reserve Diamond, which has an actual diamond embedded in it (you may remember this card for its “extinguishing” features…)This upgrade comes with additional benefits, such as a complimentary night stay each quarter when booking two or more consecutive nights through the UOB travel concierge. Access to the Sentosa Golf Club can be enjoyed by all cardholders, who also get a complimentary International Associate Club membership which allows access to more than 200 overseas city and country clubs.

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