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Fast growing, upright with round growth habit. Cotoneaster Simonsii . The Cotoneaster Lacteus is a medium sized evergreen shrub, growing to approximately 3ft (1m). These useful shrubs (some evergreen) range from tall, tree-like shrubs to ground-hugging types that suppress weeds. Cotoneaster coriaceus and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Cotoneaster lacteus Photo courtesy Joseph DiTomaso. Order Cotoneaster Lacteus, UK delivery. Hedge cotoneaster (Cotoneaster lucidus) grows 6 to 10 feet tall and produces a full rounded shape that makes it a low-maintenance hedging option. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. It has small white flowers appear in early summer followed by orange red berries. Cotoneaster lacteus. Cotoneaster horizontalis has excellent late colour, but is also popular for the characteristic herringbone pattern of its stems, which develop into a decorative basketwork across the ground or on a wall, according to how it is trained. Evergreen or semievergreen. Geographic subdivisions for Cotoneaster lacteus: NCo, KR, CaRF, CCo, SnFrB, SCo, PR, expected elsewhere : MAP CONTROLS 1. The berries last well into winter. Cotoneaster simonsii will be at its best at heights between 1-1.5m and grows at around 20-40cm per year. Commonly known as Late Cotoneaster, this is a large evergreen shrub or small tree with arching branches. Carry on browsing if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies. In a wildlife garden, the cup-shaped flowers will attract pollinators while the succeeding berries feed birds. It is invaluable in shade, although its crops of neat pink flowers and bright red berries are more prolific in full sun. Drought tolerant once established. Evergreen, semi-evergreen and deciduous varieties are available, with Cotoneaster 'Juliette' being a fine variegated semi-evergreen. Zones US, MS; USDA 6-7. Try Prime Cart. Evergreen shrub, 6-12 ft (1.8-3.7 m), spreading, dense, arching, reddish stems. Cotoneaster parneyi/lacteus Cotoneaster. grow as dense groundcovers and as shrubs that grow up to 25 feet in height. Deciduous or evergreen cotoneasters (Cotoneaster spp.) Some can be grown against a wall or fence. The genus name Cotoneaster is from the latin cotneum, meaning ‘quince’, and the suffix -aster meaning ‘imperfectly resembling’. Cotoneaster Lacteus seedlings available for planting now. Cotoneaster lacteus, the late cotoneaster or milkflower cotoneaster, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Cotoneaster of the family Rosaceae, native to the Yunnan Province of China. Cotoneaster lacteus comes true from seed. It has small white flowers appear in early summer followed by red berries. Phone: (315) 497-1058 About Us Resource Center FAQ New Arrivals Best … Cotoneaster horizontalis 'Perpusillus' Sku #2945. Usually the birds eat these but just like the leader of the BNP, these berries are very unpalatable.The light grey underside to the leaf gives the impression of frosting on the edges and the white flowers in June or July are also worth looking at. Cotoneaster Lacteus has lovely weeping branches (Late Cotoneaster) that look great trailing over walls or fences for a more relaxed effect. This species, also known as Orange Cotoneaster, or Franchet’s Cotoneaster, is native to Southwestern China, Thailand, and Myanmar. 5 out of 5 stars (10) 10 reviews Tracheophyta › Magnoliopsida › Rosaceae › Cotoneaster › Cotoneaster lacteus Ecology This large, spreading, evergreen shrub is found as a bird-sown garden escape or is frequently planted in woodland, hedgerows and rough grassland, and on roadsides, railway banks, walls and waste ground. Cotoneaster Lacteus is an important source for birds, so would suit plantation in a wildlife garden. It is native to parts of northern Asia, and adapted to tolerate colder weather to zone 4. Cotoneaster acutifolius lucidus and over 1000 other quality seeds for sale. Cotoneaster Lacteus. Add To Cart . Large clusters of small white flowers are followed by clusters of small berries. Skip to main content Hello, Sign in. Its low-growing foliage works well as an easy solution to filling large spaces. Gather the berries in late spring and sow them in compost, using chicken wire to protect the seeds from mice. Parney’s cotoneaster, which has white flowers and red fruits, was introduced from China as an ornamental … Cotoneaster franchetti and lacteus hedge plants only require a light trim once a year, after the berries have fallen, whereas Cotoneaster horizontalis requires pruning in late winter or early spring. Broadleaf deciduous shrub, erect, 6-10 ft (~2-3 m) high, somewhat less in width, round-topped, spreading branches. Cotoneaster Lacteus shrubs for sale. An excellent spreading groundcover with thick intertwining, arching branches. Hedge cotoneasters grow in … Tough, easy and adaptable - great for rock gardens and banks! Cool autumn temperatures bring a brilliant flush of fall color to the finely textured, glossy green foliage and highly ornamental red berries. Botanical Name: Cotoneaster parneyi/lacteus Order Cotoneaster Lacteus plants for quick UK delivery. You can change the display of the base map and layers by clicking on the layer control box in the upper right-hand corner. Cotoneaster glaucophyllus - Bright Bead Cotoneaster Slow-growing, spreading, semi-deciduous shrub Height 2' - 4' Likes sun to partial shade Hardy to about -15°F Small, white flowers in spring followed by clusters of red berries in fall Small, silver-green leaves Good rock garden plant or bank cover Buy cotoneaster Cotoneaster Cornubia - Great wall shrub with red berries: 3 litre pot: £16.99 Delivery by Crocus We use cookies to provide you with a better service and experience. Cotoneaster lacteus is a dark green, glossy leaved, evergreen hedging shrub with the benefit of both flowers and berries.View Full Details . Cotoneaster parneyi (Cotoneaster lacteus) Parney's Red Clusterberry, Milkflower cotoneaster. Place the pots in a … For winter interest, Cotoneaster Lacteus is an excellent choice, being both evergreen and having red berries that often last into winter. Erect, spreading shrub, 1518 feet high and wide, with narrow, dark green, 1- to 312 inches-long leaves and bright red fruits. Cotoneaster Lacteus seedlings available for planting now. Cotoneaster Franchetii (Franchet's Contoneaster) is a self-supporting evergreen hedge plant, but it may lose some foliage in the coldest winters. Original watercolour "bunch of berries" red berries, miniature collectibles, ACEO, Cotoneaster lacteus, watercolor painting, botanical painting SalvinaFeliceArt. Can be hedged, but is better looking in natural form. Cotoneaster franchetii was named specifically after the French botanist Adrien Rene Franchet (1834-1900). : Cotoneaster lacteus (Milkflower cotoneaster) - Plant : Garden & Outdoor. Call us at 1 315 4971058. Makes a good screen. The requested quantity for Cotoneaster Lacteus is not available, but please call us if you need to order more - 045 879138 Leaves alternate, simple, elliptic-ovate to oblong-ovate, 2-7 cm long, shiny green and glabrous (without hairs) above, pubescent below, especially on veins, … During May, Cotoneaster horizontalis is speckled with small pink-white flowers which are succeeded by glossy red berries in autumn, attracting plenty of birds to the garden. Cotoneaster parneyi (Cotoneaster lacteus) Moderate growing evergreen shrub Full sun Little - moderate water Height: 8' - 10' • Spread: 10' - 15' Blooms in spring, white flowers Berries form in fall & winter Use on slopes, informal hedge or screen Cotoneaster lucidus called Hedge cotoneaster , or Shiny cotoneaster is a deciduous, mediumsized shrub with long, spreading branches reaching heights and breadths of 6 to 10. This Cotoneaster offers year round interest. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Call us at 1 315 4971058. Cotoneaster Lacteus. Best4hedging stock a great range of sizes and root types. Late Cotoneaster Hedging looks great when pruned into a neat form with weeping stems or left … From: £1.99. A Cotoneaster lacteus hedge has so much to offer, from white flowers in summer, red berries through to winter and dark evergreen foliage with a furry, white underneath. Buy Cotoneaster Lacteus plants - Cotoneaster Lacteus for sale. Mature Size Growth Rate Bloom Time Flower Color ShrubAsia8 - 10Partial - Full SunOccassional-LowEvergreenPeren From shop SalvinaFeliceArt. Cotoneaster. Synonyms: Cotoneaster parneyi Common names: milkflower cotoneaster; Parney's cotoneaster Cotoneaster lacteus (Parney’s cotoneaster) is an evergreen shrub (family Rosaceae) found along the central and north coast of California. Botanical Name Cotoneaster lacteus (parneyi) Also Known As Red Clusterberry | Milkflower | 火辣山楂 Specifications Plant Type Native From USDA Zone Light Needs Watering Needs Leaves Life Cycle Avg. Evergreen shrub. Cotoneaster lacteus is an attractive evergreen plant with distinctive and striking red berries seen over winter through to March. It is a large evergreen shrub growing to 4 m (13 ft) tall and wide. White flowers are in clusters on this species, then red berries form on the clusters. Late Cotoneaster - Cotoneaster Lacteus (30 Seeds) (012B) A large shrub with arching branches bearing oval leaves to 2.25 inches in length, white-hairy beneath.

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