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The journal is sponsored by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Tsinghua University Press, and supervised by the Ministry of Education of China. This Constitution affirms the achievements of the struggles of the Chinese people of all nationalities and defines the basic system and basic tasks of the state in legal form; it is the fundamental law of the state and has supreme legal authority. The State Council and its Standing Committee, by contrast, are made responsible for … The information provided in the above article is for reference only. Individuals tend to have flabby muscles, and are introvert and timid in personality. Fad diets or addictions to a narrow range of foods can be debilitating. We have sent you an email with your welcome code in it. They often feel uncomfortable in cold environments. These individual characters combine to form body constitution that determines how we live and behave, and our susceptibility to pathogens and disease development. Describe the core principle of Chinese herbs and acupuncture, and to understand their role in promoting health and wellness. Change your shipping country above. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Body constitution can vary from person to person, some are strong, some are weak, some tend to be heat, and some tend to be cold. red beans and water chestnut, Eat less of foods that are heaty, astringent and greasy, e.g. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 2.4. They are sensitive to humid and hot environments especially in late summer or early autumn. Heartburn, ulcers, hypertension, and inflammatory conditions reflect excessive accumulation of the fire element. They often feel uncomfortable in humid and rainy environments. Two instruments, the Body Constitution Questionnaire (BCQ) and the Constitution in Chinese Medicine Questionnaire (CCMQ), have been developed in Taiwan and Mainland China respectively to measure constitution. TCM can be applied in many aspects of life for a healthier mind and body, and for beauty. Patients can first use information about the body constitution to estimate general health requirements based on gender and milestone. Anika Niambi Al-Shura BSc., MSOM, Ph.D, in Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine, 2014. Your body constitution affects how you feel and behave, and how your body responds to causes of illness. They like to complain about warm palms and soles, mouth dryness, dry nose, preference for cold drinks, dry stools or constipation. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Adopted by the National Constituent Assembly on 25 December 1946, promulgated by the National Government on 1 January 1947, and went into effect on 25 December 1947; Latest revision in April 2000 amended the Constitution with the inclusion of Eleven Additional Articles. The purpose of this study was to explore the association of nine types of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) constitution with the five chronic diseases: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and obesity.Methods. AB - Aim of the study: Stasis body constitution is crucial in making diagnosis and treatment decisions in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice. Generally, the classification of body constitution is based on physical outlook, personality, common health problems, and adaptation to external environment. Body Constitution Questionnaire (BCQ) The body constitution questionnaire (BCQ) was provided by Professor Yi-Chang Su, Ph.D., School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan. Oops! Read T&Cs. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Japanese-Chinese medicine, and Korean Sasang constitutional medicine have common origins. Individuals are mostly thin, and tend to be emotional unstable, melancholy or suspicious. The common symptoms of a body with Yin deficient constitution would … Undesirable health conditions and illnesses arise when the body becomes imbalanced. Body constitution in traditional Chinese medicine is the fundamental physiological component of a person, and different constitution types are variously susceptible to diseases . Free International Shipping For Most Products. The common symptoms of a body with Yin deficient constitution would consist of the following: hot flushes and red cheeks, adapting poorly to hot and dry weather, irritability and vulnerability to sore throat & fever. "It really depends on each individual's body constitution," says Mr Yan. Stasis body constitution is crucial in making diagnosis and treatment decisions in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice. In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to reduce cravings; dietary and lifestyle counseling are also important. mountain climbing, swimming and martial arts, Engage in group exercises and games, such as dance, ball games and chess, to enhance social life, Maintain a bland and balanced diet with sufficient vegetables and meat, Eat less of foods that are spicy, contain allergens, cause irritation or considered to have stimulative effects, such as buckwheat, crab and strong tea, Living environment should be well-ventilated and clean, Maintain good hygiene; blankets and bedsheets should be washed and sunned regularly to prevent dust mites, Avoid keeping pets and contact with known allergens. Correspondence analysis was used to explore the correlation between them.Results. duck and green beans, Eat less of foods that are drying and warming, e.g. The common symptoms of a body with phlegm-dampness constitution would consist of the following: profuse sweating, heavy limbs, lethargy and adapting poorly to rainy seasons & damp environments. According to the China Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (CACM), body constitution can be divided into nine types, named as neutral, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, blood stasis, phlegm & dampness, damp-heat, qi stagnation and special constitution. 2. The legislative system of China, which refers to the People's Republic of China or the Republic of China (ROC), that encroaches a set of system of laws and regulations generated in China's legal system or more narrowly the system of formulation of such codes by institutions, such as the main legislative bodies of the National People's Congress of the PRC or the Legislative Yuan of the ROC.

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