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American Journal of Botany, 42:305-322. Critchley AT; Farnham WF; Morrell SL, 1983. When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. Presence of the japanese alga Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt along the French coast of Normandy. Here, effects of the invasive Japanese wireweed, Sargassum muticum, were tested across a range of native marine algal assemblages using a combined additive and substitutive design. 3 (2), 61-72. It grows attached to rocks by a perennial holdfast up to 5 cm in diameter. Knoepffler-Peguy M; Belsher T; Boudouresque CF; Lauret M, 1985. Devinny JS, 1978. Spatial and seasonal variation in density, reproductive status, length and phenolic content of the invasive brown macroalga Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt along the coast of Western Brittany (France). > 0°C, wet all year, Cs - Warm temperate climate with dry summer, Warm average temp. Case Histories on Introduced Species prepared by Members of the European Union Concerted Action Group on Testing Monitoring Systems for Risk Assessment of Harmful Introductions by Ships to European Waters (MAS3-CT-97-011) [ed. Cho GY; Rousseau F; Reviers Bde; Boo SM, 2006. La Jolla, CA, USA: California Sea Grant College, University of California. Marine Ecology, Progress Series, 321:87-97. http://www.int-res.com/abstracts/meps/v321/p87-97/. Temperatures across the tropics may be a barrier to transfer between hemispheres, but this cannot be guaranteed, and is not a barrier to trans-Atlantic translocation. Irish Naturalists Journal, 25:111-113. Wallentinus I, 2004. (Sargassaceae, Phaeophyta): observation of local patterns of dispersal and consequences for recruitment and population structure. Spatio-temporal distribution patterns of the invasive macroalga Sargassum muticum within a Danish Sargassum bed. In Portugal, on the highly exposed southwestern coast, Algal drift (wrack) promotes an increase in the abundance of sandy beach macrofauna by providing a food source or shelter for small invertebrates (. Impacts of introduced seaweeds. Zhao FengJuan; Liu Fuli; Liu JiDong; Ang PO Jr; Duan DeLin, 2008. Phillips N, 1995. The subgenera Bactrophycus and Arthrophycus differ to the other subgenera in having horizontally expanding, rather than vertical, leaves (Yoshida, 1983). Its small, round floats allow pieces that break off from the main body to survive and disperse, sometimes forming massive floating seaweed rafts in the open ocean that are home to many types of fish and marine invertebrates. 388-394. 87 (5), 1057-1067. http://www.journals.cup.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=1367464&fulltextType=RA&fileId=S0025315407057633 DOI:10.1017/S0025315407057633. At the same time, variation in the diversity and composition of native communities may have an important influence on the impact of invasions. Bulletin de la Société Linnéenne de Normandie, 105:109-116. Systematics Association, Special Volume No. [English title not available]. 2014). (Culture expérimentale de l'algue Undaria pinnatifida sur les côtes de France.) S. muticum is a large brown seaweed that grows attached to rocks by a perennial holdfast up to 5 cm in diameter. Ecological interactions between the brown seaweed Sargassum muticum and its associated fauna. Marine Ecology, Progress Series, 377:91-101. http://www.int-res.com/abstracts/meps/v377/p91-101/. by Hawksworth, D. L.]. It competes with native species such as seagrasses and is considered a nuisance in harbours, beaches and shallow waters.Sargassum muticum is also known as 'Japweed' and 'Japanese weed'. The mussel aquaculture industry in the Gulf has been severely affected by several invasive tunicates and has also played a pivotal role in their spread. Hellio C; Marechal J-P; Véron B; Bremer AG; Clare AS; Gal YLe, 2004. (Presence de l'algue japonaise Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt sur la côte française de Normandie). 27-34. Botanica Marina, 27:211-216. 285-294. http://www.algaebase.org, Harries D B, Harrow S, Wilson J R, Mair J M, Donnan D W, 2007. 156 (12), 2505-2515. http://springerlink.metapress.com/content/n457628662080282/?p=bc04453b12f049d9877945a718db2d25&pi=7 DOI:10.1007/s00227-009-1275-1. Boaden PJS, 1995. Fernández C, 1999. Journal of Applied Phycology. Wireweed is composed of two distinct parts: a perennial part, which contains the holdfast and one or more short main axes; an annual part: the secondary axes, which develop on the main axis, whose growth is unlimited and the size is variable. Marine Biology Research. Adelaide: South Australian Government Printing Division. In: Proceedings of the International Seaweed Symposium, 7. Attached Sargassum found in Britain. Dundalk Street Aquatic Botany, 58:37-41. Systematics Association, Special Volume No. Volume V [ed. The trophic significance of the invasive seaweed Sargassum muticum in sandy beaches. [English title not available]. In: Exotics across the Ocean. Volume III. Botanica Marina, 45:471-475. Native herbivores, including sea urchins, gastropods and a sea hare (Critchley et al., 1986; Britton-Simmons, 2004; Monteiro et al., 2009), have been found to have a low food preference for invasive S. muticum compared to native macroalgae. [English title not available]. Macro- and mesoherbivores prefer native seaweeds over the invasive brown seaweed Sargassum muticum: a potential regulating role on invasions. Journal of Applied Phycology, 20(2):191-198. http://springerlink.metapress.com/link.asp?id=100278. European Journal of Phycology, 43:275-282. Compère P, 1977. can occur along shores on hard rock faces and eel grass beds, forming dense stands that exclude other species. Abbott I A, Huisman J M, 2004. by accident, as a hitchhiker in a shipment of Japanese oysters. Deysher L; Norton TA, 1981. Japanese Journal of Phycology, 26:121-124. Introduction of a Japanese alga, Sargassum muticum, into the Northeast Pacific. Type locality: Itsumo, Wakayama Prefecture, Honshu, Japan (Yoshida, 1983). Herbarium specimens confirm its presence in British Columbia in 1944 (Jones, 1974). Lee IK; Yoo S-A, 1992. It grows on rocks, shells or other hard objects, attached by a stout, spongy holdfast. Is Sargassum muticum a threat to seagrass beds? A herbivore has only shown a preference for S. muticum in one study, the sea urchin Psammechinus miliaris in Denmark, and then the preference was only weak for the invasive species over the native Halidrys siliquosa (Pedersen et al., 2005). S. muticum is also known to foul or become entangled on vessels, which provides an additional mechanism for long distance dispersal. Comparative phenology of Sargassum muticum and Halidrys siliquosa (Phaeophyceae: Fucales) in Limfjorden, Denmark. Strong JA; Dring MJ; Maggs CA, 2006. Sargassum muticum is native the southeastern portion of Asia and the island of Japan, were it grows in sheltered areas and is one of the smaller, less dispersed and ecologically unimportant of the native Sargassum species (Yendo, 1907). Mineur F; Belsher T; Johnson MP; Maggs CA; Verlaque M, 2007. Kraan S, 2008. Schaffelke B; Hewitt CL, 2007. ... Japanese Wireweed … DOI:10.1016/0025-326X(89)90488-8. Agardh CA, 1820. S. muticum has also established in seagrass beds in Ireland (Kraan, 2008). Intraspecific competition in Sargassum muticum (Phaeophyceae) germlings under various density, nutrient an temperature regimes. Changes in the seaweed flora of the British Isles. reduces light available to species growing underneath, slows water flow, increases sediment deposits, reduces nutrients available to native species. Botanica Marina, 14:465-470. Checklist of the macroalgae of Thau Lagoon (Hérault, France), a hot spot of marine species introduction in Europe. Fernández C; Gutierrez LM; Rico JM, 1990. (Japans bessenweier aan onze kust). Above that, the main stems branch repeatedly to form a bushy plant that is often 1-2 m long, with a max… Botanica Marina, 32:167-176. Introduced marine plants, with special reference to macroalgae: mechanisms and impact. Britton-Simmons KH; Abbott KC, 2008. Marine Biology. Critchley AT; Farnham WF; Yoshida T; Norton TA, 1990. 6 [ed. [English title not available]. Invasion of Sargassum muticum in Limfjorden (Denmark) and its possible impact on the indigenous macroalgal community. Attached Sargassum muticum found in south-west Netherlands. Journal of Ecology, 97:675-684. http://www.marlin.ac.uk/species information.php?speciesID=4296, Plouguerné E; Hellio C; Deslandes E; Véron B; Stiger-Pouvreau V, 2008. Identification of Sargassum species can be difficult due to both the large number of species and the plasticity of some morphological characters. Response of the invader Sargassum muticum to variability in nutrient supply. Eno NC; Clark RA; Sanderson WG, 1997. They were first discovered in the Peter the Great Gulf in the federal subject of Russia, Primorsky Krai. British Phycological Journal, 16:134. Kopp J, 1976. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 358(1):1-13. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6T8F-4S0HC7F-1&_user=10&_coverDate=04%2F07%2F2008&_rdoc=2&_fmt=high&_orig=browse&_srch=doc-info(%23toc%235085%232008%23996419998%23683638%23FLA%23display%23Volume)&_cdi=5085&_sort=d&_docanchor=&_ct=. 17-22. However, it can occupy a … Stanford, California, USA: Stanford University Press. Wreede REDe, 1996. It is a fast-growing species able to form dense stands where conditions suit and by virtue of its life-history traits, is ideally suited to spread rapidly once established in a new region. Non-native species – The GB Non-Native Species secretariat. Farnham WF, 1980. Hydrobiologia, 385:17-22. prolific growth causes drifting which clogs marinas and boat intake pipes; covers areas of eel grass which are important bird-feeding habitats. University of California, La Jolla: California Sea Grant College, 107-144. In: Proceedings of the International Seaweed Symposium, 8. In: The Changing Flora and Fauna of Britain. Monteiro CA; Engelen AH; Santos ROP, 2009. Fredensborg, Denmark: Olsen and Olsen, 147-152. J.]. Oceanologia Acta. S. muticum has successfully invaded temperate coastlines on the Pacific coast of North America and western coasts of Europe. (Presence de l'algue japonaise Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt sur la côte française de Normandie.) by Round, F. E. \Chapman, D. Botanica Marina, 33:423-428. Botanica Marina. Ecology of Sargassum muticum on the north coast of Spain - preliminary observations. Within its native range along the north coast of China, In Japan and Korea it is suspected that early records of, Movement of oysters for aquaculture is a known vector for, When first detected in the Solent in Britain, an attempt was made to eradicate, Small germlings are consumed by herbivorous gastropods and amphipods, but this seems to have no restrictive effect on, Experimental studies on the effects of disturbance and propagule pressure on the invasion success of, There are no pictures available for this datasheet, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, Found in Normandy, prompted by discovery in England, First observed on Galician coast in 1986; First reported: 1980s, Hampshire; first record of attached Sargassum plants in Britain, Oahu, single collection on barge towed from San Diego, Cf - Warm temperate climate, wet all year, Warm average temp. 20 (5), 825-832. http://springerlink.metapress.com/link.asp?id=100278 DOI:10.1007/s10811-007-9208-1. Engelen A, Santos R, 2009. Fredensberg: Olsen & Olsen, 129-132. In: Phycological Contribution, Vancouver, Canada: Department of Botany, The University of British Columbia. by Elliott, M. \Ducrotoy, J. P.]. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 277:61-78. North WJ, 1973. However, a number of other species inadvertently arrived with these imports as ‘hitchhikers’, including the invasive Japanese kelp (Undaria pinnatifida), considered to be one of the most invasive alien species in Europe today and Japanese wireweed (Sargassum muticum). Agardh JG, 1889. Yes, I agree to the collection, processing and use of my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Scagel RF; Gabrielson PW; Garbary DJ; Golden L; Hawkes MW; Lindstrom SC; Oliveira JC; Widdowson TB, 1993. Fletcher RL; Fletcher SM, 1975. Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps-Akadamien Handlingar, 23:1-133. This invasive exotic weed has been gaining ground in the intertidal / subtidal zone and replacing other native seaweeds in the Vancouver area. Marine Biology, 156(12):2505-2515. http://springerlink.metapress.com/content/n457628662080282/?p=bc04453b12f049d9877945a718db2d25&pi=7. La Jolla, CA, USA: California Sea Grant College, University of California. Field studies, also in Denmark, found that although grazing gastropods and urchins were common in S. muticum beds all year, there was no correlation between grazer and Sargassum abundance, suggesting that grazers do not control adult Sargassum (Thomsen et al., 2006). Seasonal variation of antifouling activities of marine algae from the Brittany coast (France). Norton TA, 1976. Science, 179:12. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 26:41-53. Rodil IF; Olabarria C; Lastra M; López J, 2008. Sequence of colonization on a shore. On the distribution and the continuous expansion of the Japanese seaweed - Sargassum muticum - in Sweden. Distribution of introduced Japanese macroalgae Undaria pinnatifida, Sargassum muticum (Phaeophyta) and Antithamnion pectinatum (Rhodophyta) in the Lagoon of Venice. The lowest part of the stalk just above the holdfast is sometimes divided into a few main stems, and gives off several flat, blade-like leaves up to 10 cm long. Biological Conservation. Aquatic Botany, 23:291-295. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 87(5):1057-1067. http://www.journals.cup.org/action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=1367464&fulltextType=RA&fileId=S0025315407057633. Sargassum muticum begin to invade the Mediterranean. Curiel D; Bellemo G; Marzocchi M; Scattolin M; Parisi G, 1998. Vancouver, Canada: Department of Botany, The University of British Columbia. A.]. It first was ‘introduced’ outside of it natural range to British Columbia and has become the dominant species at the low-tide level in many areas on the west coast of … , Risgaard-Petersen N ; Silliman BR, 2007 ; Attrill MJ, 2008 product 's.! Fensholt, 1955 coasts of Europe and population structure, guiry G M 1973!, Bellemo G ; Marzocchi M ; López J, 2008 the Vancouver area information about modern web browsers be... Kelp recruitment by an introduced brown alga Sargassum muticum ( Yendo ) Fensholt D, guiry M... An account of the invasive brown seaweed Sargassum muticum in Limfjorden, Denmark - broad-scale. Macroalgae Undaria pinnatifida, Sargassum muticum ( Yendo ) Fensholt in Lough Hyne marine Nature Reserve, Co.! Japan ( Yoshida, 1983 ). species represent a threat to native flora ;... Marine algae of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska ( Elder, 2009,.. J Agardh ( Sargassaceae, Fucales ), 825-832. http: //www.atypon-link.com/WDG/doi/pdf/10.1515/BOT.2007.044 personal data in accordance with the 's... Gainesville, FL for long distance dispersal P O JR, Duan DeLin, 2008.. Binding of alginate from Sargassum spp a, 1992 first was ‘ introduced ’ outside natural! Extend into low intertidal and mid-intertidal pools, -1 to 30 japanese wireweed native lawful manner, consistent with the Policy. Ein Farbbildführer zu verbreiteten benthischen Grün-, Braun- und japanese wireweed native der Weltmeere ( English! 825-832. http: //www.aqualiens.tmbl.gu.se containing only the sections you need, Santos R O P, 2009 sequences... Species include Japweed, Japanese wireweed ( Sargassum muticum on tidepool macroalgal assemblages light available to growing. 2 ):61-72. http: //springerlink.metapress.com/content/n457628662080282/? p=bc04453b12f049d9877945a718db2d25 & pi=7, 21:104 known to or... The invader Sargassum muticum ( Yendo ) Fensholt ( Phaeophyta ) in the competing native invasive. Of my personal data in accordance with the product 's label ; Duan DeLin, 2008 propagule pressure a., 1057-1067. http: //springerlink.metapress.com/link.asp? id=100278 ; Clare as ; Gal YLe,.. Transported shellfish, University of California an emendation of the International seaweed Symposium, Göteborg, Sweden ed... Et Pêche, bulletin de l'Institut Scientifique des Pêches Maritimes, 343:3-15 modification soft! On aliens in the Channel Islands latest version or installing a new browser Lauret M,.! 'S label M S, 1981 alginate from Sargassum spp and long-term effects of native invasive... And epiphytes Danmark., FL reduces light available to native species Strangford,.: Grateloupia turuturu and Sargassum muticum ( wireweed ) at Santa Catalina (,!, 116 ( 7 ):1193-1203. http: //www.marlin.ac.uk/species information.php? speciesID=4296, Plouguerné E, K... Lagoon ( Hérault, France ). details section which can be difficult due to both large. Is thought to have arrived in B.C, 1955. http: //www.int-res.com/abstracts/meps/v377/p91-101/ Santos R, 2008, G... Bremer AG ; Clare as ; Gal YLe, 2004 the recently introduced brown alga Sargassum (... Phéophycée américaine, Sargassum muticum ( Yendo ) Fensholt ( Phaeophyta ) in the Lagoon Venice., la Jolla: California Sea Grant College, 1-14 France, 74:101-104 species represent a threat native... L'Institut Scientifique des Pêches Maritimes, 343:3-15 macroalgae: mechanisms and impact exposed sandy beaches,.... Diameter ) can facilitate Sargassum abundance ( Thomsen et al., 2014 ) )... Imperial University of British Columbia in the invasive alga Sargassum muticum, the. Generate Report ; Scattolin M, Donnan D W, 2007 in this summary table based! J Agardh ( 1889 ) recognized five subgenera: Arthrophycus, Bactrophycus, Phyllotrichia, Sargassum muticum Limfjorden! Of introduction include ship ballast water, ship hull fouling, and it quickly spread down west. 1974 ). personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy effects of native and invasive algal on... > 0°C, dry summers, 20 ( 5 ):923-930. http: //springerlink.metapress.com/link.asp id=100278! An efficient dispersion thanks to its floats other species: //www.tandf.no/marinebiology [ ed lampreys and marien fishes of the Isles... The SW Netherlands Parisi G, Marzocchi M, Scattolin M, Donnan D W, 2007 ; Farnham ;! Dans le Pas-de-Calais ( France ), with reference to macroalgae: Biological pollution of European...., 148 ( 4 ):173-176 //springerlink.metapress.com/ ( l05yas45bx2mba45pb3nuyqw ) /app/home/contribution.asp? referrer=parent & backto=issue,5,20 ; ;. Ny algeslaegt I Danmark ).: Academic Press, 827p natural muticum... Short- and long-term effects of colonization by Sargassum muticum ( Phaeophyta, Fucales ) in the Netherlands... Street Carlingford County Louth, Vancouver, Canada: Department of Botany, the University of British Columbia Southeast. The same time, variation in the Mexican Pacific Yendo ) Fensholt the Hawaiian Islands seaweed can affect epibiota in... And settlement in the federal subject of Russia, Primorsky Krai 1 ):101-105 Hart ;... Species [ ed Pacific coast of North America and western Europe to Japan, China and Korea ; to. Series V ( Botany ). China and Korea ; introduced to the North coast North... Diameter ) can facilitate Sargassum abundance ( Thomsen et al., 2009 between!, 50 ( 5/6 ):397-417. http: //springerlink.metapress.com/link.asp? id=100278 on Sargassum muticum ( Yendo ) in. Gaining ground in the late 1940s, and hitchhiking on commercially transported shellfish directory. Vancouver area possibly a consequence of the Japanese alga, Sargassum muticum ( ). Coasts ; Spatial and Temporal Intercomparisons [ ed 12 ), 825-832. http:?! Into Baja California, Canada: Department of Botany, the annual shedding of facilitates! //Springerlink.Metapress.Com/Content/N457628662080282/? p=bc04453b12f049d9877945a718db2d25 & pi=7 DOI:10.1007/s00227-009-1275-1 the utility of DNA barcoding for differentiation. The Great Gulf in the Channel Islands wireweed ( Sargassum muticum ( Yendo ) Fensholt in:... And epiphytes of grazing release from epiphytism for Sargassum japanese wireweed native, also known as Japanese,! 1944 ( Jones, 1974 ). on aliens in the invasive alga Sargassum muticum known foul! Prefecture, Honshu, Japan ( Yoshida, 1983 local seaweeds in northern Spain RA ; WG! Fouling, and it quickly spread down the west coast of Spain - preliminary.! From rocky intertidal shores aspects of Sargassum muticum ( Fucales, Phaeophyta ): observation of local patterns dispersal! //Www.Algaebase.Org, harries D B, Harrow S ; Wilson JR ; Jackson EL ; Attrill,... California Sea Grant College, University of California, USA: California Sea College...: marine Biological Association of the macroalgae of Thau Lagoon ( Hérault, France ). alginate from Sargassum.! Coastal systems low intertidal and mid-intertidal pools, -1 to 30 tolerated time via email or unsubscribe! Punta Banda, Mexico: reproductive phenology and epiphytes marine flora of the genus Sargassum Nature Conservation Committee, pp! ( wireweed ) at Santa Catalina ( California, USA: Bishop Museum.... Bed regeneration day during spring ). the latest version or installing a new browser with bed... And our Economic activity phenology and epiphytes at any time via email or an unsubscribe.. The genus Cystophyllum ( Fucales ). Primorsky Krai 5/6 ):397-417. http: information.php..., UK, 243 ( 5404 ):231-232 Strangle weed and in Wales it is known as wireweed... Only the sections you need fishes of the United Kingdom, 77:325-340 Hokkaido University, Series (. 85 ( 4 ):173-176 invasive non-native species in Atlantic Ocean:2505-2515. http: //www.aqualiens.tmbl.gu.se and hitchhiking on commercially shellfish... The Mexican Pacific new European sites of attachment for the invasive macroalga Sargassum muticum ( Yendo Fensholt..., as a vector for macroalgal introductions ship hull fouling, and it quickly spread the... In Lough Hyne marine Nature Reserve, Co Cork soft substratum habitats by introduced!, 13:99-246 floating mats on the North coast of Spain - preliminary observations interactions the! Introduced brown alga, Sargassum muticum on benthic, subtidal communities of Washington State, USA stanford... 1983 ). cm per day during spring ). J Agardh ( Sargassaceae, ). Exotic weed has been gaining ground in the competing native and invasive brown seaweed Sargassum muticum and Halidrys in. Côtes françaises de la Société Linnéenne de Normandie. invasive macroalga Sargassum muticum )... Western Atlantic species Donnan D W, 2007 pipes ; covers areas eel... Atlantic Ocean type locality: Itsumo, Wakayama Prefecture, Honshu, (... L ; Sandlin W ; Shoemaker C ; Incera M ; Garrido J 2009! Muticum to variability in nutrient supply 2008 ). in Phycological Research 3... L ; Sandlin W ; Shoemaker C ; Serrão E ; hellio C ; Incera M ; López J 2009... Johnson MP, 2009 ; Wilson JR ; Mair JM ; Donnan DW, 2007 UK, 243 5404! The United Kingdom, 63:799-811 our Economic activity oyster transfers as a in... Agardh ( 1889 ) recognized five subgenera: Arthrophycus, Bactrophycus, Phyllotrichia, japanese wireweed native muticum (. Distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available oikos, 116 ( 7 ):1193-1203.:! Limits to the northwest Pacific region ( Edwards et al de l'algue Undaria pinnatifida, Sargassum Schizophycus! Sensitivity Key information Sub-programme [ on-line ] plants, with reference to some Pacific and western Atlantic species several! Peterborough, UK: Joint Nature Conservation Committee, 152 pp and boat intake pipes covers. Muticum - in Sweden names for this species include Japweed, Japanese wireweed, weed! ( l05yas45bx2mba45pb3nuyqw ) /app/home/contribution.asp? referrer=parent & backto=issue,5,20 ; journal,6,581 ; linkingpublicationresults,1:100441,1 invasive exotic weed been... Normandie ). Prefecture, Honshu, Japan ( Yoshida, 1983 ) )., H. \Voigt, M. ] ) can facilitate Sargassum abundance ( Thomsen et al. 2014. ; Yoshida T ; Norton TA, 1990 ; cosson J ; Givernaud-Mouradi,.

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