SITE NEWS — 2nd Edition of Freedom from OCD has a publication date!

For those of you who have been checking this site, I’d like to thank you for your support and apologize for not blogging enough.

Update on the release of the 2nd edition of Freedom from OCD.  I just heard from the publisher that the release date is April 1, 2014.   At worst, the book would be 1 or 2 weeks later.  The 2nd addition will include additional manifestations of OCD, such a relationship OCD, sections on coping with treatment interfering behaviors (TIBs), how to add Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to your program of exposure and response prevention and much more.  In addition, because in the electronic editions of the book, the forms aren’t printable, they will be available for free download on a site, that I will announce when we have it up and running.

Again thanks for your patience and remember, OCD is a problem that can be ruled by you rather than the reverse.


  • Dr. Grayson I wanted to say thank you for writing the first edition of the book. It has done wonders for me and my OCD. I personally found the CBT methods very helpful in identifying the various distortions I had made and your direct and assertive tone with accepting to live with uncertainty was very unique among many of the OCD books I have read. This assertive writing style really brought me to the reality of my situation and that there is truly no other way out around it and that uncertainty must be accepted. In other words ERP is all that works, period. I really wanted to emphasis that to you because it is important that people don’t get soft and think they have other options and avoid your and/or any ERP based program. I only hope you carry this same level of assertiveness with your new edition.

    Another thing I found of incredible substance was your explanation of the pathophysiology of OCD and the underlining biology along with the learning aspects it entails. It helped not only provided comfort to know your OCD was predisposed, but also gave one a good understanding of how relapsing can easily re-occur(a very important part for a future success with OCD). A majority of books do try to explain how OCD “works” without really getting into the nuts and bolts, especially combing the learning with biology. I really hope you don’t change this part of in the new edition. It really was one of the best introductions I have read.

    I look forward to the new edition, and am happy you are including new research on ACT based treatments. Perhaps a brief recommendation of the newer pharmacological compounds that can be discussed with one’s psychiatrist such as D-Cycloserine or some form of glutamate modulating agents can included. It is my experience that psychiatrists are not always aware of newer stuff nor do people have the ability to change doctors in all circumstances and the patient may need to bring that to their doctors attention if the typical approach(SSRI, anti-psychotic, etc) doesn’t work.

    Again thank you for making the first edition, and I’m looking forward to the new edition

    • Kris, Thank you very much for your kind comments. The 2nd edition will modify and add to the first edition, there won’t be any deletions. At this point, I won’t be adding to the medication section, primarily because there are many meds and combinations to try when the SSRI’s don’t work, but it isn’t yet an obvious protocol to use.

  • Dr Grayson, thank you for your reply on medications.

    I apologize for additional posts, but I have one a quick question.

    I had a thought when I was commuting about how great it would be if I were able to invest my time more wisely and into something more productive instead of hearing nonsense and noise.

    So I was curious if you had considered an audible version of your 2nd edition? I did a quick search on audible,com for OCD books and seen there is really not much there other than a documentary and some kind of hypnosis type therapy.

    Since Amazon also incorporates the ability to sell audible versions of books on the their sale pages then maybe this could be something to consider later on?


    • Kris,
      I would love for there to be an audible edition of my book. However, decision like those are out of the author’s hands.
      take care,
      Jon Grayson, Ph.D.

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