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Arch puts everything into one big package. Void Linux is “a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux® kernel. Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux kernel. I’m just wondering if anyone here uses Void as a daily driver or has any thoughts about the distro. I’m primarily a Ubuntu user, I use Ubuntu for servers and desktops, and I’m also a huge fan of Elementary OS(which is based on Ubuntu). Void Linux often gets compared to Arch Linux, perhaps because of the similarities in philosophy between these two systems, but they have very little in common in reality. Distribution: Slackware. Ty! I were afraid that their Wiki is not detailed enough, and expected that some packages could be missing. It aims towards POSIX and Single UNIX Specification compliance. In practice, this means the project attempts to have minimal distribution-specific changes, minimal breakage with updates, pragmatic over ideological design choices and user-friendliness. The community is nice and helpful . Void is sometimes rough around the edges. The rest is all void. Void maintains kernels in packages with the a version suffix, linuxX.XX. And sometimes you need to downgrade things in Arch, but it doesn't always end well. Debian unstable vs arch. Also check out the Post Installation article from where to head from here. Another thing is, that void is more likely to ship packages for things that you would have to install from the AUR which sometimes has quality problems, might be outdated and you have to build them. Part 2: Looking at gentoo and Void Linux (this page) Part 3: Experiences with Void Linux (still to be written) The CentOS Project is a community-driven free software effort focused on delivering a robust open source ecosystem. In the question "What are the best lightweight Linux distributions?" Void supports i686, x86_64, armv6, armv7 and aarch64 with both musl and glibc under one project, one source repository. It was an exercise to test 66 portability. I keep both Void and … CrunchBanger Registered: 2013-11-15 Posts: 119. 9. It is basically void with a different init and service management. 5:45 . Void is less bleeding edge than Arch, in a way it is something in between stable and bleeding. Users can choose which series for how long they want to use. Void is a notable exception to the majority of Linux distributions because it uses runit as its init system instead of the more common systemd used by other distributions including Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mageia and Ubuntu. To start the installer, execute the void-installer utility with appropriate permissions (i.e., sudo void-installer). Recommended: LVM with a spare partition for Void Linux / btrfs with separate subvolume for Void; Full disk encryption; Syslinux; Install Void from Arch. Void linux allows partial updates because the package manager tracks shared libraries and big issues can be avoided by aborting the transaction if a conflict exists. Arch Linux adheres to five principles: simplicity, modernity, pragmatism, user centrality, and versatility. Its xbpspackage manager is spectacular. The Slant team built an AI & it’s awesome Find the best product instantly . This is a very biased sub. Arch Linux supports only x86_64 in the main project. Void keeps the old kernels, the administrators can boot the previous kernel until they decides to purge old kernels with the vkpurge script if new kernels work fine. base 2019-11-09 . Familiarise yourself with xbps and xbps-src, Runit is simpler and operates differently from systemd. Introducing . The most important reason people chose Arch Linux is: But I feel those trade-offs are easily worth the rest of the experience Void gives me. Their goal was simply to “have Arch installed with an easy to use installer and a friendly, helpful commu… Endeavour OS Aims to Fill the Void Left by Antergos in Arch Linux World. It could also be a combination of all those things. Other Void Linux developers recently took to the project's website to say they have "had no contact with [the main developer] since the end of January, and no meaningful contact for well over a year". However, the killer feature of arch is the documentation. I feel like the base of void is much better than arch and void often follows the arch philosophy better than arch itself. The Void (Linux) distribution. In this video I show you how to install Void Linux with XFCE Desktop Environment in Virtualbox. It's a rolling release. You can install anything on arch without any of its dependencies, as long as you know what you are doing it is the most flexible pkg manager I have ever used.

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