Freedom From OCD 2nd Edition is Now Available!

The second edition of Freedom From OCD is now available.  It includes updated treatment information (e.g. incorporating ACT into ERP), more OCD presentations (e.g. Relationship OCD, Sensory-Focused OCD, Obsessing about Obsessing) and others.
There is also a website for the new edition:   The website allows users to download all of the forms that appear in the book for free.  In addition, the, website makes available other OCD articles and  MP3s (currently just 1) that can be used for scripts.
The materials on the site are for anyone to use, purchase of the book is not necessary.

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  • Thank you Dr Grayson. I googled OCD and Hope and this site came up. I will get your book in the 2nd edition. I went backwards to read your entry’s, each one extremely caring and perceptive, back to obsessing about obsessing, which seems to describe my son. Sometimes you do read “it is not about the obsession itself…it could be anything…non important”. With him it has not always been but now is about some of lifes big questions: sexual orienation, independence, vocation. Early 30’s he has dealt with OCD for 15 years, with varrying degrees of severity but presently making him extremely anxious, depressed, and loosing it. Just recently entered new treatment, he has lost much hope for getting better. Also questions if it is just his weakness and “not growing up” thus entertaining “life coaching” as a solution. So his “acceptance” of it without thinking of himself as a “different or sick person” all the time and “hope” for change are big issues for us? Thanks for this site and your dedicated caring work. We will follow – Joe

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